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  1. Well I've appreciated friendships in last few days as a noob. interesting observations about the need for good old friendship and normalcy! that world created michaelatv-destiny sound remarkable and I might try to check it out as a noob
  2. Hi Saul, art is of interest to me, driving too, railroad yes, and sailing blake sea are yes's. I am still quite the noob but happy to try these things. I've not done Role Play at all but happy to be introduced to it. TS
  3. I'll say gday in SL as I like exploring and doing things together ... chess, boats, and a cool helicopter I found
  4. welcome too. I like chess and am looking for chess buddies if of interest
  5. Hi, i am not on SL a lot but am looking to play the occasional chess game. I am not a chess expert at all, just enjoy the occasional game. Anyone interested?
  6. hi Allurey, I'm very much a noob to SL and are looking for friends for games, exploring and hanging out. I'll IM you in SL sometime
  7. Hi NR, happy to explore, hang, play games. Will IM you in Sl sometime. I'm a noob
  8. Hi KT, I'm interested in doing some of those things so will look you up in SL. I'm quite new to SL and for instance, think playing chess would be fun. I've found a few places but need a chess buddy!
  9. ah just edited so I get notified of replies!
  10. Hi DLM, I pop onto SL occasionally and am new to it too. Your horseback, sightseeing interests I am ok with so am happy to friend you and do those things. In reality, can only chat every week or two if that makes sense as RL well is RL!
  11. Happy to be an occasional friend. I'm new to SL and looking for people to hang with
  12. Hi, I'm quite new to SL but remember Blake's Sea from a few years back. Happy to hang at your house as friend so to speak
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