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  1. Hey all, my name is Jaz, and I am looking to open a clothing shop for men's/women's fashion with my partner and best friend, Fortuna. Obviously nothing is set in stone, but we are the more business running type than the creative type. We are looking for a possible clothing designer, one willing to make good, quality mesh clothing for mostly Maitreya bodies, as well as some of the other top mesh body brands. Obviously we aren't sure yet what type of clothing we want yet, that will have to come in time, but anyone interested can tell us what they specialize in and we can go from there. Money is not an issue, as long as you show hard work and give us good products to sell, you will be swimming in Lindin. We will see you as an equal, not someone we own. We will treat you well, and I believe it will be easy to work for us. Both me and my partner are new(ish) accounts, please don't let this bother you. We both have much experience in RL, as well as (mostly) understanding SL as a whole. If you are interested in working in a friendly atmosphere, doing what you love, making quality mesh clothing in the style of your choosing with tons of recognition, message me or send me a note card! My IGN is JazminTM (J). We are very open to negotiation on prices, hours, and anything else you can think of. See you soon loves, ℐ ⱥɀ Update! (10/24/17): If at all possible, Me and Fortuna would like to start a shop for Catwa Bento makeup, piercings, and other accessories! If this is something you specialize in, don't hesitate! IM me now! *giggles* The clothing shop is still always possible, we plan to buy a big enough SIM for BOTH a clothing area and an accessories area, but upon thinking we would like to work with you on Catwa Bento head accessories! All the above still applies, good pay, good atmosphere, yadayadayada! Now don't just sit there, come talk to me and lets build the creations of your dreams!
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