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  1. I see today's RC rolls ended early and LeTigre for one didn't roll.
  2. and LeTigre too http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_LeTigre/19
  3. Hi Caleb, mistake in OP and release notes again? Am I correct in assuming that LeTigre isn't getting EEP version (524296) and is supposed to be same as Magnum (TBD)?
  4. Does this mean that EEP will now be on all RC Channels? The release notes for LeTigre doesn't say anything about EEP.
  5. Interesting. Main Channel is now ahead of LeTigre and Magnum.
  6. Last week's RC release notes for just listed "Internal fixes" as the changes.
  7. I have all those flying settings set to disabled but still get the popup. My observation is that it appears that Firestorm puts you into flying mode (i've seen the popup appear before the TP screen), does the TP and then depending on the "always fly after teleporting" setting either keeps you flying (if enabled) or drops you out of flying mode. You'll notice after a TP fail your avi looks like it's flying (though it isn't). However, since you never actually fly anywhere if the setting is disabled, you can safely ignore the popup. It's annoying but harmless. I find Quest 3 is the worst affected by the false speed enhancer check. It is impossible to run in that quest without being accused of using a speed enhancer. You even get it using the zipline. Though you can use it to your advantage initially - if you run down from the monorail, it kicks in and TPs you to the resurrection pad. The other problems I get with Quest 3 is 1) it frequently claims I've detached the HUD, usually once i'm inside the ship. I dread hearing the ding sound, as i know theres a 50/50 chance I'm going to be TP'd back to the Visitor Centre. 2) often the key & collectibles won't rez - i was there over 5 mins on saturday waiting for the key to rez, and today (sunday) no collectibles were rezzing
  8. I lost voice following that big update. After trying a myriad of things I found that in Microphone privacy settings that Allow apps to access your microphone was set to off. Turning that on fixed my voice. YMMV.
  9. Yardboyz Island, an Adult-rated Private Estate/Full Region, is now available from Yardboyz Estates! Our 4096 m² parcels come with a massive 1875 LI, so perfect for rezzing those high-LI furnished houses. Plus NO premium account or mainland tier is required. In keeping with the tropical island theme, the terrain is beach sand. Pricing Rental per Week Parcel Teleport L$1595 Inner North West In-world L$1595 Inner South East In-world L$1595 Inner South West In-world L$1695 North Edge Beach (A) In-world L$1695 North Edge Beach (B) In-world L$1695 South Edge Beach (A) In-world L$1695 South Edge Beach (B) In-world L$1795 East Edge Beach (A) In-world L$1795 East Edge Beach (B) In-world L$1795 West Edge Beach (A) In-world L$1795 West Edge Beach (B) In-world L$1895 North East Corner In-world L$1895 South East Corner In-world L$1895 South West Corner In-world The initial minimum rental period is two weeks, which you pay in 2 steps by: purchasing the land, this will be 1 week's rental paying the rental unit the remaining balance; you can of course pay for more weeks. There are no setup fees. Contact me in-world should you require more details or other size parcels. Note I'm in the UK, so apologies if there is a delay before I respond. Regards, ReadingMASK
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