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  1. Unfortunatly i couldnt go there that time but thanks for the tip. I totally agree with you that its embarrassing from LL:s side that they dont have fixed this issue, and its even more embarrassing that they dont talk about it, we simowners at mainland are depended on the ability for peaple to sail/fly.
  2. What is happening with SL? Have been months now that its very hard to sail/fly. Me and a lot i know feels that LL dont care about that. Havent seen any posts in scheduled maintanance so whats happening? Do LL look at map and see how tough it is for landowners now? Heard many that say that they will quit SL becuse its impossible to sail/fly. As a landowner im very depended on that peaple can do this, but feel that nothing gets better and no info from LL. I hope LL see how bad it is and get out some info soon, becuse i know that some cant take it much longer, they will close their sims.
  3. 30x30m Hangars for rent at SWEA Airfield, 200 prims 500L/w Special offer now Pay for 4 weeks and get 5 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nyhavnafjord/200/187/22
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