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  1. I feel really bad .. have been crying for days for deceiving him and treating this as a game... but also my RL and innocent people should not suffer because of my infidelity and my need to explore.. thank you so much for giving me a bit of rest and piece of mind.. Sighs.. I can only hope that this will be a warning to all out there to not play with peoples feelings as I did....
  2. OH What a MESS....!! I'm so sorry for the hurt I caused. I cheated by making a few Alts. Problem is after he found out and I admitted it my personal life is now threatened, do I go to Linden Labs with this, I am married in RL and have a real lot to lose.. ( yes I understand loss of sympathy here but I was also just looking for some distraction) My SL partner is so mad and has the money and time to trace me and destroy my life for real.. He wrote me a mail stating that he would not rest before he hunt me down and hurt me the way I hurt him. I'm really afraid that having our accounts frozen will only result in more fury from him. Please help me.. I asked his forgiveness so many times... I know I was wrong to treat this as a game.... even though I proclaimed and loved my SL partner as a lover and friend for real. Big Sighs
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