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  1. I figured it out ! . Something was corrupted in the cache and when I found a "clear the cache " button, cleared it ,and restarted the program my hair came back! Everything is looking more normal now, no more mosaics. I also found that SL was using the Intel graphics and not the GPU (its a laptop with a discrete GPU) so I tinkered with the settings and forced SL to use the GPU and things are drawing a lot faster now.
  2. Hello all. I'm a recently returned resident who is having hair problems all of a sudden :). I just came back after a hiatus of years (and I wasn't a real regular user back then) and of course raided the freebies right away trying to make a decent-looking avatar. I found some great stuff and all was well for approximately 5 days until my hair suddenly went haywire. To be more specific, I obtained two new items of nice "flexi" hair (not listed as demos) that after looking fine for days suddenly turn my head into what looks like a haystack when I put them on. I don't have pictures to post right now as I'm not at that computer but the hair has become a giant pile all over my head and face. It doesn't move anymore, and looks a bit square. One of the "haystack hairs" is the same color as the original hair was and the other is a weird mosaic rainbow-colored pile of hay when previously it was red. In addition, my original avi hair (Maria?) was brown and is now a weird blue/coral/white mosaic pattern. And I'm seeing the mosaic coloratin on some of the scenery prims inworld as well. Does anyone know what causes "haystack head" and/or this weird mosaic color thing, and how to fix it? I didn't change any settings from the install other than the max complexity setting and after this happened I put it back where it was. It didn't help. I do have some other hair and so far those are fine. Thanks in advance, Stella
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