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  1. A wedding ring in rl removes the need to ask questions. Its a very clear statement that somebody is already in a relationship and not looking for a new one. And that is exactly what I am asking here: Does a collar mean there is no point to talk to the wearer at all because she is taken already or does it simply mean Hi, I am sub?When it comes to people looking to find a match of course.
  2. I think I have greatly misunderstood what a collar stands for in sl. A female wearing a collar signalizes what exactly to everybody else? 1) That she is a slave and already owned. Off limits perhaps even. That she is only about sex and nothing else in sl. all kinds of other bad traits from cheap to whore etc. 2) Simply signaling that she is submissive and nothing else. Might not even have a partner or owner and be completely single. Basically saying she might be perfectly proper and behaved or whatever and all she does is openly say she likes being submissive, like a gay person
  3. First of all thank you very much for your replies. I spend another 3hours looking around the mentioned skin shops. However, no matter which skin I try it changes my whole face makeup: lips, eyes, etc. I made my face several years ago and can only remember it took 3 weeks of several hours each day to finish. So I really dont want to do that again. Each new skin forces me to do all face makeup all over again? Do I understand that right? Nothing of my worn inventory changes expect the skin but the whole face makeup instantly looks drastically different, sometimes introducing colors I never e
  4. I bought the "Maitreya Mesh Body Lara" but the 10 included skin colors dont match my old none mesh head. I spend weeks to get my face to look right so I dont want to make any changes to my head. Sadly my "MyDear Fiona Skin -- Sunkiss" doesnt have an applier and the whole Skin Shop "MyDear" seems to have no appliers for any of their skins in general. I already spend well over 3hours looking for a similar new skin to buy but I couldnt even find one that even looked half as good as my old one on my face. Plus I am 100% satisfied with my old skin anyway. Is there any way to match my maitreya mesh
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