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  1. I am sorry I do not speak Spanish, but I am hoping the destination I posted was to your liking.
  2. If I were Linden Labs I would: 1. Start back at the basics and create better functionality. Search is a prime example - I can search for shoes and sex or ***** will come up in the listing. 2. I would advertise the benefit uses of the platform. Right now I hear very often that SL is the worlds greatest virtual porn platform. I thoroughly enjoy the live music events and educational aspects as well as how sl benefits those who are disabled. 3. I would keep/buy some of the better builds from creators that leave. 4. I would definitely clean up the mainland. No rezzing skyboxes etc. below 1000m (or visibility range). 5. I would create better customer service 6. I would create help pages that actually help - since Strawberry Singh has been hired by Linden Labs, her extremely useful hints, tips and ideas are gone. 7. I would not create anything that would appear in a 12 year olds game. I can't be sure but I thought the average user was 35 years old. Some of the locations promoted by the lab are not applicable for the age range. 8. I would make things easier for new users to understand with either mentors or a help station. I can think of a dozen more things I would do that would not hinder the labs profits and would attract new users. It saddens me to see the user logins dropping.
  3. As I watch logins continually drop I have to wonder what Linden Labs is thinking. Linden Labs is slowly killing SL. I wonder what they would do if there were a boycott. The average user is not spending $200/mo to rent a sim. Charging the average user additional for a premium membership is ridiculous. There are fewer benefits than there were before! Why would I want to spend more? Vendors will need to be aware of this as well since the number of groups are being cut back. Charging for a group membership is signing a death certificate. Group gifts are rarely free, rarely updated and generally are of poor quality. The premium member gifts are designed for for a 12 year old playing in world. Linden Labs need to think about who is providing that $700 million a year income. P.S. LL - Sanar has been a terrible experience, a waste of time and money and I would not recommend it to anyone.
  4. Why can't the mainland be cleaned up to be more appealing? I'm not thrilled with my Linden home or the small parcel and would consider purchasing mainland if it wasn't such a mess. I would also love to see LL buy out some of the amazingly created sims that have been lost due to the owners inability to continue to absorb the high land prices or because the owner is just no longer available to maintain it for whatever reason (death, illness, etc). An example of this might be Calas. I know both owners have experienced illness in recent years. The group of Calas sims are some of the nicest in SL and I would truly hate to see them gone. (I know, I've mixed two topics - sorry!!)
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