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  1. my advice... stick to the book, sl gor, wile there are some good places, there is alot of s***ty, drama filled dumbinant/princess slave playlands out there, oh and watch out for the fw that go all rage face when ever a slave goes near there guy friend or fc.... yeah... or, if you really want to give it a go, gor hub is one, but also can look around at different sims
  2. something id lake to add, and yes, this is both opinion and some fact, the thing with anime avatars, is a majority of them (including the Utilizators Avatar 2.0) look to childlike to be considered adults, and in alot of rp sims that do not allow underage charters, this can cause a big issue for sims with adult content, because if the av looks underage, no matter what they say there rp age is it matters not if it is reported to ll, if it looks underage, it should not be doing adult things, that is why alot of sims ban anime looking av's i agree, there are alot of sims that will q
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