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  1. Hi can anyone help? I got newest Firestorm version but there is no sound at all I checked all settings in preferences and it seems ok. But I can't hear any music typing sound or sounds from videos when I turn on my entertainment media center. But when I tried official LL Second Life viewer everything work just fine there. I re-install Firestorm but problem still there.
  2. Any beautiful places with rezz rights to take pics? M or A rated ones?
  3. When I say animations are lovely I mean the lady bit animations are realistic and move with your fingers movement when you have naughty fun with yourself.
  4. Pro is from Professional and it's exactly that one well made professional product wit attention to details iand it's rigged for Maitreya so fit the body perfect I am happy with the product. and NO I DID NOT work for the brand if you think that. just my personal opinion
  5. If you use Maitreya I would recomend A Lady's secret Pro Bento Vajayjay it rigger especially for Maitreya and will fit perfectly and it's Omega compatible so you can use ant Omega skins with seamless tinting. And animations are lovely it comes even with piercings if you want to use them
  6. Feel free to add me inworld: MorrianaDarkstar
  7. Unfortunately you can't use makeup textures they are kind of advertising for the product: clothes lipsticks...etc. for Slink or other mesh bodies you need to look for things called appliers. They are different for each body. But if you get Omega Kit for yoir Slink body any Omega compatible skin outfit or makeup will work
  8. Some Omega compatible outfits come with options for gloves/socks to be turned on/off
  9. Believe me or not I made good friends that I would never ever made if I was classic old avi. And they last.. I am sure we would not met if I looked like noob. They have cool well made avi theyput lot of effort to create. And even nicer personality. If I need help or advice they are always ready to help.
  10. Yes it's Slink Hourglass you remembered it correctly
  11. Slink and Belleza are the next big names on the market. Lot of clothes and makeups for them and Omega skins
  12. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SL-CAT-PUBIC-HAIR-BLONDE/13175792
  13. It will be not a problem just save the outfits you want for each head in your wardrobe. And shapes for each head as well and you will be fine
  14. The look is important in modern SL today. You may be a nice person but if you don't look at your best 100% in modern sl world with new Mesh and Bento trands youu have small chance to get someone to chat with. I agree with Zeta the first impression matters. I remember my first days in sl when I had system avi. No one take me seriously. When I upgraded my look with mesh and Bento things changed and I started to get attention and start to receive invitations to clubs and parties. And lot of friend requests. It did not hapened when I looked as noob
  15. I bought Image Photography studio and heard I can add my own textures there. How can I do that? Any advice?
  16. Hi I bought full perm Picture frame and put a pic in it I was thinking to put her for sale But I need help I heard I need invisible prim to be added to the full perm object. I wonder what invisible prim is and how to make one? Any hint?
  17. Thank you so very much for your advice Tari
  18. In each category ON MP I need to list it?
  19. Yes I mean portrait of my avi. Thank you for the info
  20. Hello I made a portrait of myself hinking to put it in the frame and put it in MP for sale. Can I do that and what exactly are rules for this?
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