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  1. ok I changed my payment info to "Buying Lindens" does that mean the L will come now or do I just wait for the system to send me the lindens? (I noticed before when I clicked on the BUY button on SL it would tell me i had no payment info, now when i use it it allows me to purchase lindens and tells me the amount inside the client - still haven't recieved my lindens yet and still says no payment info used on file, i guess i have to wait for it to update)
  2. Yeah, it was definitely the instant buy button, went through paypal transaction, I am thinking because this is an alt that it might be taking longer then usual. I rarely buy lindens but it's never taken this long. I did e-mail support it seem everything went through fine, I'll check 5 out, I did a few relogs to see if anything would appear nothing yet
  3. Just curious i did the "INSTANT BUY" feature on SL to get lindens and it still hasn't appeared on my account does it normally take this long?
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