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  1. I am looking for slaves in Second Life. Before making contact, you must agree to the following: 1. I do not mix Second Life and Real Life. 2. I am a lesbian. 3. My avatar is an anime face. You and I may be limited to where you play roles. 4. I have my own home, so I usually play role play at home. However, I am not without leaving home. 5. I have multiple partners. 6. I will have long-term relationships (more than half a year, or forever) with me. 7. There will be a trial period before the relationship is finalized. This is necessary to confirm the compatibility. 8. You need to contact me directly to end the relationship. You can talk to me whenever you have a question. Information: Country : Japan Language : Japanese, easy English Timezone : GMT +9:00
  2. I want to recruit a BDSM partner. I want a person like this. 1) I admit anime avatars. 2) I can use Japanese. 3) I am a woman. 4) I like bondage, vibrator, machine. 5) I don't have Mistress, Master. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.
  3. Thanks. I do not know how to calculate. I do not agree that it does not match even if I calculate by the exchange rate of the JCB card I use. Is "administrative processing cost related to overseas use" included in this amount?
  4. When I buy Linden dollar it seems to be purchasing in JPY. I would like to change it to dollar settlement. Can you do it?
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