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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a Farming Roleplay. I know sounds stupid but, something like living on a Farm and doing stuff there, talk to people and befriend them work there etc etc. A roleplay i don't know how to describe it diffrend
  2. Hello, My name is Wu Lin and i'm a 26 y.o Girl from Taiwan who lives in Germany now. In SL i'm known under the name Tainakachan or Lin. And i have my own goals that i want to reach. But for my Goals i need some L$. So that's why i'm looking for a Job. First i wanna get me a Mesh body, and then later i want to start my own club. I sadly don't have enough Skill or Talent for Jobs like DJ or as a Creator. But that doesn't mean that i'm useless I can; - Translate from English to German, German to English, Chinese to English/German. - Be a Dancer in a Club (G,M,A) + Voice Chat. - Complete tasks that are necessary. - Make Forums, use Photoshop... - Escort with VC or without Maybe something more but i'm kinda new, so i don't know a lot of stuff If you find me good enough for a Job just write me
  3. Hello, My name is Wu Lin and i come from Taiwan, now i live in Germany. I'm 26 y.o Girl who works in Germany. In RL i have a bunch of Friends, but noone is playing SL so i started to play this game last year, but was inactive. Now that im active again i'm looking for some folks to meet. Ingame i'm playing as a Girl under the name Lin or "tainakachan". I'm kinda new, so i need some Friends who can show me around. And of course hang out and have fun I hope you conntact me in a way
  4. Hello everyone, I saw some Videos on YT how to create "Clothes" but its hard to understand. I wanted to create some "Clothes" for the Character Ingame, so i can wear it and sell it if its good. I sadly have zero expirience in that but i wanna learn and create something on my own. So then here is the Question; Are there any good YT Videos for People who are just starting with "Edditing"? I mean i saw alot of videos but it's kinda not Beginner Friendly. And what Programs to use? I know how to use Photoshop but that's all. So Please help me Greetings and thanks to everyone.
  5. Hello to everyone whos reading my Thread My name is Tainakachan and i'm a girl from Taiwan (as you can see). I'm new so i look for Friends who can help me and hangout with me in SL places. I "move" in all Sections (General, Moderate, Adult). So feel free to talk to me and add me Ingame (its the same name). And lets have fun together. Nice to meet you all :3
  6. Tainakachan

    Have a Room?

    Hello to everyone. I'm new to SL (Since September) and i see a lot of people who have a "Home" . So there comes my question. I saw somewhere that only Premium Players can buy a "Home" is this true? Can i also as a FREE player buy or rent a Room/Home/Land? Sorry if i posted that in wrong Thread. Stay safe and have fun, Tainakachan.
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