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    Ok I have a number of questions today , 1. I reported to linden labs that someone has stole money from my card , they refunded it and also blocked my card so I won’t happen again they told me to use another debit card of some type, so I went to family dollar got a prepaid myvanilla, it didn’t work, so I tried asking my mom can she try on her debit card which is a bank card and I’ll give her the money back , she tried and it said it was a problem charging your payment method , now I’m stuck . 2.if My mom was too add her debit card and bank account to her own PayPal , and lets say added 5.00 PayPal Balence and I want to buy 60 dollars of lindens would it work ?
  2. So basically what youre saying is, I can use my bank debit card, just have it on paypal, link my bank account on paypal..and verify my bank account to use paypal?
  3. Hi so heres what happens I have a VISA prepaid debit card, a myvaniella card that you can get from Family Dollar, I had one since a while now and It has been working on Sl, but now it does not want to take it ti says declined, with the funds on it, I looked around and i also seen secondlife does not take Debit cards anymore, heres my question I have a Bank card from State Employees Credit Union which is a bank, it is a bank debit card..will that work as a payment method on secondlife?
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