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  1. Maybe it doesn't apply here but this term comes to my mind, "land extortion and harassment".
  2. Funny, yesterday morning the parcel was priced at $25k. Yesterday afternoon, price was $28K. Today, it can be purchased at the new bargain price of $38K. Seriously?
  3. Well, I guess this rotating sign placed today is not as bad as the previous ones, at least it is not glowing.
  4. Signs are now gone thankfully. I still find it amazing that the seller would think they could get the equivalent of $125 USD for a 256 sqm parcel with 87 prims. Especially when doing a land search, a person could purchase for less than L$30,000 a beach waterfront parcel over 15000 sqm with over 5000 prims. I think the parcel will be for sale for a very long time as you pointed out moirakathleen.
  5. So today I decided to visit the NCI Sandbox at Kuula and the first thing I see is two large rotating floating "For Sale" signs with one with so much glow, I could not even really make out it said "Sale" on the sign. On clicking on the about land, it's a 256 square meter parcel with an asking price of $30,000L. Would this be considered an Ad-Farm and in violation of the TOS?
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