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  1. Wayward One was established early 2025 by the Mayor of Rogue Woods, Morris Jenkins. Seeing how the world has turned sense the " Great Outing" of the supernatural races and wanting to strengthen his community, Wayward One strives to educate and prepare for any situation in the future through knowledge and skills training. We are an Adult Supernatural Themed Modern Rp sim. Wayward One is our New College, that we have opened and classes start Monday the 25th! https://roguewoods.wixsite.com/home/academy http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rogue Woods/189/46/1501
  2. We offer classes and resources on a variety of subjects ranging from some traditional subjects to the more modern subjects like Supernatural History, Folklore and Urban Legend, Modern and Ancient Science, First Aid and Medical Training, Physical Education, Law and Government, Racial Relations, and biology, Alchemy, and much more. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rogue Woods/189/46/1501 Specialized Courses- Race, History, and Relations- The study of traditional and modern interactions between supernaturals and humans. Local Law Enforcement- The study of the Laws of Rogu
  3. Facing a stockpile of open cases, the Rogue Woods Police Department is urgently seeking police officers. The department is currently under the command of Chief of Police and supervised by the Mayor. Applicants should present a resume (IC) at the police headquarters in town. The Town of Rogue Woods is a modern fantasy roleplay sim with a penchant for horror and mysterious happenings. Set in the year 2025, Rogue Woods, Massachusetts, is a small town at the epicenter of the Bridgewater Triangle where supernaturals live lar
  4. I Am an 18 ( RP age ) Year old, family oriented girl. i have a good family and typically play a werewolf. Right now currently RPing in Liberty bay with my family. I Am a tall, and curvy Brunette. I Am A little whacky, a bit out of a control with a big heart. I Am looking for someone who would be interested in meeting and possibly dating. As I Am sure most know, Sl can be lonely so having some one to rp with and hang out with and get to know me will ease that loneliness..I Am from Belgium SLT +6, but I Speak English very well. Please PM me IN world. Ashley 'Sy' Morningstar (
  5. Hello we are currently looking for some one who be interested in being a co-owner but without all the hassle of dealing with the issues... Being able to rp and relax while someone else does all the work.. Ideally all that would be required is half the tier. The sim would be set in a small rural town, in which werewolves and vampires and a few other races would be allowed. It would be adult to moderate rated. And Rp based no meters or huds required. Just a good fun stress free environment to build rp storylines..
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