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    So what are your COMPANY doing about tis matter ......I maybe be at lose for a brand new PC due to tis problem ...!!!
  2. brandy3288


    as I played the game this notice keeps popping up to call them to fix it ? claim they worked with SL
  3. brandy3288


    No they got into it asked me to call a number are my PC would lock ...., they asking as if they worked for Second life saying there was a problem with my account and call this # 18064525032......
  4. brandy3288


    A hacker try to get me to click on a TV in second life which somehow links on your internet service. You need to REMOVE all of the TVs in Second life there using them to hack players. Why do Second life have TVs that can link to your internet service without the user knowing screen name is brandy3288
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