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  1. how to stop Second Life - Group notice from email? i like to receive Group notice on second life only its ok but not need it to send to my email ,its very Annoying all my email now "Second Life - Group notice :........................................" receive offline IMs via Email ok for me but not email i try this link https://accounts.secondlife.com/change_email?lang=en-US here i can stop IM but i like to receive IM but not Group notice and there other option on it Change Email Subscription Settings what that mean
  2. thx for replay and thx for your 2L$ how i check if there is a group liability charge.?
  3. i'm new on sl i don't have any Linden Dollars all that i got it free now i enter sl see that L$-2 what that mean? and how its take 2 from me when i offline? are not game free? are there will take from my billing information without i know? when i look on my account i see that Destination: Arab Word - Palestine Group Liability L$2 L$-2 when i join group there type free to join then how it take from me without i know so are i must don't join any group? but must time i must join it to can open boxes
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