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  1. Since the sim has a limit on how many people can enter, what we want is one that tracks how long a person has been idle. if they are idle for too long i want it to send a warning saying if they don't move around then they will be ejected from the sim.
  2. uhhhh, I've never done anything with a bot or know how to make one or where to start. I guess i can look into it. thank you.
  3. So working on a sim as one of the staffs, its been our job to keep an eye on others to make sure they are following rules and not being trolls or minges. One of the major problems we have is we have an avatar cap at 20 and its hard to keep track to see who is afk or not. I looked at security orbs all over market place but can't find any that have built in AFK kickers if a person has been inactive for more then a set period of time. I would like one that tracks how long someone has been idle and sends a message to respond if they are AFK and if they don't respond will be sent home. I would appr
  4. Looking for someone to make a few animations for me. I can give you more details on what I am looking for if you contact me in world: Xyudi. I will pay for each animation or how ever you see fit.
  5. I am looking for someone that could build a custom bento tail. I would like it to have some special animations such as being able to sit and float on the tail, able to swing it around and hug it, and any other animations that would suit it. Please contact me in world if you are interested in taking on the job. You will need to show at least some proof of work that you are able to build such an item so I know you are capable of handling the job. Please note I will pay by what ever your rates are but will pay you once its complete. I don't expect full ownership of it, you may sell it on MP for y
  6. I use the kemono all the time but I modded mine to look like an adult rather then a child. its really up to the sim owners if they will give you a pass to be on the sim. sometimes just talking with the owner and making your avi look more mature then child like helps. Thats how I was able to join a RP sim since they banned kemonos but since I look like an adult they gave me a pass to be there and the owner of the sim is super nice. Just never fight the owner if they ask you to change. They set the rules and its up to us if we want to obey and stay or disagree and leave. Throwing a hissy fit is
  7. I am currently looking for anyone that makes custom clothing for the Kemono fitted torso. I've asked many creators in market place and many have shot me down either cause they don't take request or stopped building for the Kemono Fitted Torso. It is best to contact me In world either In IMs or in person so I can talk about what I would like built. Please contact me if you are interested or know someone that could take this job. I would really appreciate it!
  8. Im looking for someone that makes clothing for the Kemono fitted Torso. Looking for someone that can build me a longer skirt that us simple to use and the textures can be easily changed with out any problems. Like I've dug threw the store and only can find short skirts or long dresses but nothing in between. And when I do find something, it doesn't fit me.
  9. I would like to to find someone that is able to build this outfit for me. I would like a hood cloak that would not only cover me and hide my body, but also able to hide my face with a shadow of some sort (if its not possible then its fine). But heres the tricky thing, I would also like the hood to be scripted with the following animations: hood can come off to reveal face (pretty easy one), and the ability to animate it to make it look like I'm ripping of the cloak and hood (I know this will be tricky so if you can do it thats fine). I was Playing megaman zero 2 on the game boy advance and the
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