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  1. Interesting, I didn't see that. I wonder if you could protest it by a mass boycott on exporting lindens for a whole month
  2. So after reading the latest blog release from LL I am legitimately curious to know just exactly what "more flexible pricing" actually means once the SL servers have been upgraded to the cloud. Now you could all yell "OMG CHEAPER TIER" but I severely doubt that will ever be the case. Cheaper premium perhaps?. See the problem with tier prices as has been stated several million times on this forum is that Linden Labs LITERALLY can not lower tier prices no matter how much we want them too. Reason being is the land barons.. Companies like the Chungs, Weazles etc have all bought their sims and locke
  3. Yeah I saw but I figured I would post it here anyway. The more people are aware about it the less anyone will fall for it.
  4. So I just received this notice in local chat from a 0 day avatar. https://gyazo.com/e3a04f1a6c2a09488af41ca2d1f813ba I know most of you guys are not silly enough to fall for this but posting it here anyway to let others know that its a scam and not to fall for it. The lab would not contact you this way so just block, report and ignore
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