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  1. I am still looking to purchase more full or homestead regions if the price is right. I do not care if the region is grandfathered or not. IM me with your price (including transfer fee) and the tier date of the region. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, Is there a way to track mainland sales when the mainland is deeded to a group? I would like to know who purchased the land, date and at which price. I tried search but could not find anything related, maybe I overlooked something.
  3. Currently I have 3 full mainland regions for sale which also can be rented. Price for each is only 147,000 L$ or 12750 L$/week when renting. Each region has it's private group so you will have maximum usage possible if you choose to rent. All 3 are gently sloped hillsides but best viewed in-world. 1. Furor : SLurl Furor 2. Lesten : SLurl Lesten 3. Lesters Best: SLurl Lesters Best
  4. I am still looking and also want to purchase a homestead region, grandfathered or not
  5. Hello, I am looking to buy a full 20k or 30k prim grandfathered or normal private region if the price is right. I will respect any current tenants and leave them be as long it reflects in the purchasing price. Please send a notecard or IM to Yilliamata with price, including/excluding transfer cost, type of region, prim amount, name of region and tier date. Thanks
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