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  1. How is it going, i have a trad but thinking of to look for an other... but how is the "market" now... hard to get or more easier than few months ago? just to know before i give up mine
  2. a question who want to ivite me to see if i have lag on your place too, i have a trad in evard, but also have so much lag, i just want to see and test if i have it in other sims with a bellasarian trad house too. if i dont have it in other regions i might have to move .... but want to be sure if it is the house or my computer. my inworld name is MissMalibuNL.... i dont know if some want allow me to check.... dare to ask... Malibu
  3. laughs can some one take me in controll.... i get lost on the house.... way to big now.... but i like it still 129 li left......
  4. how do i texture a house add on? is there somewhere a tutorial for it? who can tell me?
  5. i decided to give up the camper i got this morning, it wasnt what i was looking for. So keep trying....
  6. if they release new houses, on what time you can expect it? normally?
  7. i am not really a builder, and this camper is in the middle.. not surrounded by nice view, i just catch it before i took off for work. did not even see it well.
  8. i have found a camper this morning, even the previous owner was still on the land, he was suprised i had it so fast after he abendond... but i am not very amused of the spot. I have to wait till tonight before i can enter SL again and see if i will keep it. I just wonder what i can do all with a camper :) for decoration.... where can i find examples?
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