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  1. 15% less tier where are they?

    Eventually, yes, the invisible hand will probably drive rents downward. But, if they're still able to get business at the old rate then there's literally no incentive for them to reduce rates.
  2. Price reduced to L$4200.
  3. Only 5 parcels left. Get them while they're hot!
  4. One of these lots has sold, but the other 7 are still available. Get yours now at this insanely low price!
  5. question

    I've got a quarter sim on a penninsula that overlooks the ocean on two sides that's up for sale.
  6. Land Tier Premium Accounts

    Over the last few months, I've had at least five different neighbors move in and out of the plots right next to my home in SL. Finally, earlier today I had enough and when they went up for sale again (for DIRT cheap), I just had enough and bought out all of those unsightly plots. So much for annoying neighbors moving in. They took a bath too. Each of them paid a lot more for their plots 2 weeks ago than I paid today.
  7. Looking for simple 4096 Parcel Commercial

    Sent you a PM. Check out the land, let me know what you think and if you're interested, we can talk business.
  8. This plot is still available.
  9. This plot is still available.
  10. Looking for simple 4096 Parcel Commercial

    Rent or buy? I've got 8192 on an ocean penninsula that I'm trying to sell, but I'd be willing to rent 4096 of it to you if you want.
  11. I have eight 1024 sq. meter lots for sale. These are free tier for premium subscribers who don't have any land. All are right next to each other and can be found here: They are all on a hillside on a penninsula that's surrounded on two sides by the ocean. It's just a short walk away. All lots are priced to move at L$1500 each! I'm also willing to negotiate volume discounts if you want more than one. Just send a message in world to Nargron.
  12. Price has been reduced to L$4750.
  13. Price has been reduced to L$4,000.