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  1. I know TMP is dead. I have for a long time, since it's very apparent everyone else is moving forward, and not them. It's not about the market. If I end up making things and putting them on the Marketplace, and others buy them, so be it. There are people who prefer TMP over the others due to it fitting their aesthetic. Such as myself. And if they happen to run across my items, then there you have it. I am interested in making clothes for other bodies, but my main focus is TMP right now, so I can wear what I make and improve enough to make things for others, depending on if I want to
  2. Hello, so I have a question and was hoping that someone can help me with an on-going issue I've had for a while now. I have an up to date version of both Blender and Avastar. I also have the TMP dev kit with the mesh bodies that I want nothing more than to make clothing for. I imported the .fbx files and the body is staring me in the face... My issue is... there is no clear bones? Well... let me rephrase. I am used to looking at this: Kemono body. Just in general. But the TMP does not have any of this. So I am unsure how to carry on making clothing and things whe
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