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  1. That makes sense. Thank you, Alyona! I'll definitely be looking into it...but I came up with a work-around for now, which I think essentially is the same concept. I wanted the extra animation to accommodate an attachment. So I basically just made the attachment itself animate on attach. Gave me the same result. Trick is to meet the right priority. Thanks again!
  2. Hi. This might be a dumb question, but I'm wondering if there's a way with AVsitter to have two animations running on one pose or sync. For example, if I'm running a sitting pose...but I'd like to add a different arm pose (JUST the arm) to the existing sitting animation. I'm guessing clearly there must be given you can run bento facial expressions and hand poses with them, but I'm just missing it and can't seem to find out HOW. Appreciate any help or advice. Thank you!
  3. Awesome!! Thank you so much for all your time and help!! I'll get the hang of all this one of these days!
  4. @Wulfie Reanimator, that looks great! And simple! Thank you! It's sort of what I was looking at myself, SEEMED to make sense, but I didn't understand HOW they work. This breakdown makes it a little more understandable and logical. Now my question is...where does that string of functions belong? All together, just like that, in the same place as the PRIM_POINT_LIGHT line in the referenced script? Or do elements of that list belong in other places (like I've seen in other scripts and samples...ie., "list" functions at the top of a script, even before the "state entry")? EDIT: Pl
  5. Having no luck...trying again. I'll try to simplify what I'm looking for. Below is the script I'm currently using. What I'd like to know is how (or even if it's possible) to make the PRIM_POINT_LIGHT pull it's color from the prim color on touch (no matter what the color might be at a given time) instead of manually entering the <r,g,b> values for each colored prim. Thank you! EDIT: Also, I've read through and tried many of the functions that MAY apply, but I just don't understand enough to know precisely what they do or where they might belong within the script format to even f
  6. @Rolig Loon and @Wulfie Reanimator Thank you both for your replies. That's great news, Rolig! I guess the question is how? Where would those commands fit into a script? Wulfie, right now it IS a link set...but the color script I'm using works for both the set AND individually...which is something I like and want to keep. I'm using a second script (which only works on the individual parts, which I'm ok with...doesn't need to control them all from the root) that when touched, a prim goes full bright (using whatever color has been set from the first script) and it turns on the poin
  7. Thanks again. It looks to me like those like may help in linking all the prims to act the same way...which may be of use at some point. And again, I'm no expert, so reading them is another language to me. I need to know what they mean. Right now, I just want to get one prim to work at a time...is there a way get a point light to read the color of the prim and use it every time as the color of the prim changes....without having to manually change point light parameters in the script or in the prim?
  8. Hi Steph. Thanks for the reply. It's true there may be a way to do what I want with just one script, or combining the two I've used, but I just don't know enough yet....and it's working perfectly at the moment so I don't want to stray too far...unless anyone might be able to suggest something better with the same results. However, I do know exactly what I want to do next...and how to do it. What I'm looking for, I guess, is an easier way to do it. I'm just hoping there's a script out there...or someone who would know how to write one (if SL is even capable of it)...that will automatic
  9. Hello. First let me say I'm still pretty new to building, scripting, etc., so I may be a little naive, but... Okay, let me try to explain what I've got so far....First, I have a link set of lights (prims)...each prim has a script that changes to one of a set group of colors. I've added an invisible prim as the root which acts as switch for all of the lights with the same script inside. So each prim color can be changed individually AND they'll all change to the SAME color if the root prim is touched instead. I've also found and added a script that turns the prim "projector" light
  10. Hello. I'm VERY new to scripting in SL and I'm trying to create a very simple "secret" dungeon-type stone door, but can't seem to find quite what I'm looking for. Hope someone can help. I'm trying to create a simple, 1 prim rotating door. It's already set to accept a single sitter in a "pushing" position (with AVSitter) and makes the correct sound (4 seconds long) upon the avatar sitting. The only thing I want it to do now...upon sitting as well....is rotate slowly (for 4 seconds in time with the sound), 180 degrees around the Z axis and stop. Sounds pretty simple, but again, I'm tot
  11. @Callum Meriman *laughs* I'm actually ok with that. More looking to cruise than race, anyway...just enough to relocate to different parts of a sim or sims, moor and hang out or party. So, if you happen to recall any of the names or builders, I'm open to checking them out. And I actually AM able to walk around all of the boats I've picked up so far....I just can't sit on the on-board items independently, without having to sit to "drive" first, then being shot around the vessel based on ship's the limited menu. Which is why I suggested that perhaps there's an unfurnished version somewh
  12. Ok, great! Thank you! I'll try that too!
  13. Thank you. I'll give that a shot.
  14. Hi all. Not sure if this is the right board for this question, and if not, I apologize and would appreciate suggestions for a better place. But anyway...I'm in the market for a smaller sized yacht (I've actually purchased several already), but all seem to be restricted to constantly having to sit and by it's own limited animations. Yes, I'd like it drive-able, but would also like the option of accessing furniture and such separately from being seated on the boat. (I understand return times and all if not seated, but there are a few places with longer return times) Alternatively, are t
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