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  1. !! HIRING/LOOKING FOR A STAND-UP COMEDIAN !! We are currently looking for a stand-up comedian to perform a 30-45 minute set at Holiday Event to go along with a DJ and Live Singer. We are open to new talent or previous experience. $ Pay to be determined $. Do you think you’re funny? Want to have some fun? Maybe start a new talent? Let me know in-world. bobbybabadook resident.
  2. Looking to rent land for one day 10/14/2017. Needing a place that can handle up to 50 avatars. Holding an inworld concert. Would need land rights for streams and security. Our set up is pre-done in a skybox. Would be able to rez and clean up quickly. Bobbybabadook in world https://www.facebook.com/ricky.bobby.babadook
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