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  1. *sniffs the catnip and smiles rubbing Clovers ears and kissing her nose* "such a pretty kitty"*
  2. *quietly tip toes in and grabs a spot on the corner of a blanket...looks around and smiles..."Hello"*
  3. Ok, So i have done this SL dating thing for a while now and i have date a few good guys. Been married twice but meh its SL right. I am married in a poly relationship in RL, leaving the possiblity to meet in RL open. However here is the thing...i have been told, most recently, that what i am looking for is a fairy tale. Like i am looking for that unicorn that doesnt exist. I am a baby girl at heart and i choose to belive in unicorns so i know that they exist so here i am on here...what do you think? Here is what i am looking for: I would like a MALE avatar...does not matter if its female behind the avatar or not...but my own prefrence is a Male avatar. I would like to find someone who knows how to carry on a conversation. And i dont mean about just one subject...i mean i like video games...but there is more than that in the world. Carry on a talk with me about life, i general movies, tv shows, what you enjoy what you dont enjoy. Talk to me be open with me as i will be open with you. I will tell you my hopes and fears so tell me yours. I love to cuddle up and watch a movie....or silly kitten videos...but at the same time...TAKE me out. Lets go dancing, go to a theme park, have fun! Its SL our options are limitless...we should not be bound to staying in the house and flipping though MP or the tv. Another thing i find important, i put work into my Avatar...please have pride in yourself and mesh is good. Bento is better. Now adult content is fun....i love it just as much as the next girl...but please i dont want it to be EVERTHING. I dont want you to pay for my tiers, or shop for me or buy me anything. I am self suffiecnt and can take care of myself...you should be able to do the same. I do have an Sl child...as well as a prim baby so i guess that makes me a single mom...so please like kids and know that there is a bedtime so while kids are a part of life, they are not EVERYTHING. Is this really a fairytale.....is my unicorn out there? I dont even know where to look anymore. My luck has led to either adult content and then poof, or the total opposite....fun and great conversations...but NO adult content and never going anywhere. Am i asking for too much? Please Im me if you are out there my unicorn. I promise to cherish you as the amazing person you are. Oh if you want a pic of me....heres one just for giggles.
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