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  1. Hai, I was gone for a bit but I'm back. I was looking for a second job in-world. I have searched the in-world search, I've searched here. But I have yet to come up with anything useful. I have I'd say, put together from my other accounts and such, about 9-10 months of experience in-world as a escort, dancer and host. I would like to find a job that offers pay, along with the tips from customers / patrons. I have found I'd say around 3-4 clubs like that, but they have yet to answer my IMs or notecards. So I thought I'd bring it here. I have worked at... In total from all my accounts gathered together, about 7-8 clubs. Maybe 4-5 of them being some of the biggest I've ever been to. I do not have any references, besides the club I'm at now, which is The Wet Mare, I am also hardly there for now. I'd like to find a club where i get paid in tips, and by management if possible, if not, that's fine. It also has to be a furry club or a club that allows furries, as I am a mouse and a dragon in-world. If you know a place, IM me or send me a notecard in-world at Lilly Maus (AngelOfHarlots). Thanks in advance ♡♡♡
  2. Thank you so much. I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner, but thank you anyway :33
  3. In my earlier thread I had mentioned I was currently looking for a job. My friend recommended I try cones (where you TP from cone to cone and wait at each one to collect), but the ones I've been to only give 2 Linden and I feel like TP-ing all over the map just to get 2 Linden per place is kind of a waste of time when I can be spending that time else-where. I sadly do not have any experience, not even in my last account. I do not have any specific mesh, not even one at all. I changed the shape, skin tone, eyes and clothes on one of the default avis (Elleria). Usually I'm on every day almost all day, but since I have insomnia I don't sleep during night time but I take naps throughout the day, usually just one prolonged one. I am 18 but I do not have verification of that because I never got the time to get an ID or even a permit. Because of the way my laptop is, I cannot do voice-verification through SL. I failed 9th grade and got put in the wrong grade in elementary school so I'm currently doing virtual school Monday-Friday but I only have 4 subjects and only need to do 3-4 assignments per class a week. I don't have friends so I'm on here all weekend every weekend unless my family requires me to be somewhere with them.
  4. Thank you. I should have a job in SL soon if the guy I need gets online.. but idk when I'll get paid or how much yet so I'll have to keep that place on my landmarks until I do. Again, thank youuu.
  5. So I'm pretty new I would say? Like 2 weeks? But I had an account before for years but sadly lost all my information and couldn't recover it. And I'm working on getting a SL job as well as a RL one. But I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could get freebie doll skins? Besides Livingtree. I also couldn't find 1920's Berlin like another forum suggested. Yes, I tried the marketplace as well. All demos. If you know any marketplace stores that have them that would be a big help also. I'm working on making my avi a Lolita type so if you have anything on Lolita things feel free to suggest those too :3.
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