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  1. I'm looking for a domm/mistress I have a few reqirements 1- not a "hard" domm 2-being able to do hypnosis (not required but a bonus) 3- no gore 4- open to ideas(personally I like furry and abdl) if you meet these requirements and would like a sub message me or reply here(I do not use voice chat)
  2. I'm looking for a domm, I willing to be your submissive I just have a few requirements 1-be open and not a "hard" domm 2-no gore 3- being able to hypnotize me is a big bonus 4-willing to dress me up in game(I like furry and abdl themes but it's not limited) if you meet those criteria I'm very willing to be your sub please message here or add me in game then we can talk about getting online together(I do not use mic)
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