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  1. Hi Everyone, we have left SRV and therefore the MC has closed up shop. Feel free to come visit us at Locke Valley http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tetrapoli/128/123/2501
  2. Locke Valley is the product of years of role play experience, several years of planning and a lot of interviews with other role players. Our sim is a humans only and set in a modern day, small, rural city in the Silver Valley of Idaho. Most of the town is middle class, blue collar citizens that all know each other because there are a little less than 800 residents total in the city. The city is a little cut off from the rest of the world because I-90 was built past the city without a direct exit to the city... To get on the interstate, you have to go either 7 or 10 miles down the road to the next town in either direction. The nice part of this is that there isn't much through traffic, so the town is mostly fairly peaceful and it is really easy to move here and pretend to be someone other than who you really are. Maybe you are in witness protection from some bizarre court case, or a former mob associate looking for a clean start, or someone who spent time in prison and can't get a start anywhere else... the possibilities are endless. My sincere hope for Locke Valley is that it will grow into much more than just an RP sim... instead growing into an ever evolving role play community that is focused on Quality, Realistic and Inclusive Role Play. We have talked to a lot of role players and tried to eliminate the things they hate and include the things they love about role playing. Let's take a closer look at those 3 words... Quality, Realistic and Inclusive.... Quality... We are a semi-para and paragraph role play sim. We use emotes (/me) and at least fairly good grammar. We follow post order and break into smaller groups with their own post order if the scene gets too big. We don't allow god modding, meta gaming or power gaming. We are respectful of our fellow players and allow them time to post. Likewise, if we are posting, we keep in mind the time so as not to take too long to post. Realistic... As mentioned above, we are a modern day, human only, urban role play city. When building or allowing businesses, they must pass the test of "Does this kind of business make sense in the city of Locke Valley?" Bookstore, Salon, Gun Shop, Gym, etc are all good options for local businesses that make sense. On the flip side, a NYC style night club really doesn't fit with the theme. We have a smaller volunteer fire department because a city this size wouldn't have a full time fire department. We have a County Sheriff's substation because a city this size wouldn't have a city run police station. We also have a Medical Clinic with Urgent Care instead of a large hospital... because the population of the city doesn't support having a huge hospital. Story lines will be period and area correct. Any factions that we have will also need to pass the same test as businesses. Inclusive... One of the biggest issues we heard about from Role Players (and we had also experienced ourselves) is how hard it is to break into RP in a sim... the existing players always have their little group of friends and only RP with those people. We all know of sims like this. In Locke Valley, we are going to work hard to ensure that every new role player that comes to the sim will be welcomed to the sim, invited to join in on going role play and encouraged to build their own story line to share with the group. We encourage every player to pursue story arcs that interest them and to allow those story arcs to blend/intertwine with other people's story arcs to turn this into an ever evolving community of great role play. Another thing that we have done to encourage players to just jump in with feet and get involved is we have mostly eliminated applications and we give everyone that joins the RP group the title ".:LV:, Roleplayer"... we don't have visitors and tourists... we have role players. The sim does not have "safe zones" or "OOC areas" with the single exception of the skybox you land in when you come to the sim. Once you TP to the ground, you are In Character (IC). Thank you for coming to Locke Valley. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you in character. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tetrapoli/82/199/22
  3. Other Sims were brought up that don't. Wasn't meant to offend
  4. The sim owner lays out quite a bit of money to open and design a sim. Not everyone who shows up rents from the sim owner. They constantly pay more than they "make" from the sim. If you don't want to admin then don't. The point of admining is to benefit the group. You lead story arc's. You support the sim rules. It's not like the sim owner is making bank of the admin's hard admining work. I've seen poor admins ruin a sim and I've seen great admins raise a sim from the ashes. You get what you put in. If you want a good rp community, you need a good team.
  5. Wait wait wait!! I might have read this wrong... Are you looking to open or role-play? If you are looking to roleplay check out Locke Valley. We just had our soft opening. We are open for roleplay and provide a modern human only setting. The environment is intended to promote long term story arc's and character development!
  6. While we do not allow child avatars, we are a modern, human only, roleplay sim that focuses on characters and story development. You can check out Locke Valley
  7. I'd recommend you do your due diligence and search roleplay and see what is out there. and see what you like and what you dont like. See what works by what has the highest traffic.
  8. are you a roleplay group or are you a riding group?
  9. Metered combat or dice combat or free form text combat? If you are looking for urban roleplay check out Santa Ramona Valley http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little Tobago/116/240/27
  10. We are a group of mature typists who are interested in creating a long-term story arc. We are an outlaw motorcycle club who is looking for a rival. We are looking for your group to have a valid IC reason to go against us. We sell illegal guns, fake IDs, gambling, and escorts. There is a porn studio connected to our backstory of our club but no longer a part of the active roleplay. We do not sell drugs. So a beef over turf or a drug war will not really play out well since we don't meddle with that. We are open to spreading the rp time between your sim and ours (Santa Ramona Valley) or having your crew come to our area. We are looking for anyone looking to roleplay, gun runners, mafia types, anything you can think of we are open. We are approachable OOC if you would like to discuss. Please check out our website for more information about us. https://satansrejectsmcsrv.wixsite.com/srmc-sl Our names on there if you would like to contact us in world. Seriously, lets discuss how we can make a long-term story arc for all of us.
  11. We could definitely get them. I dont know anyone who wears them. Though, you wouldnt be able to see it since the guys wear their cuts. Come on by Santa Ramona Valley - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little Tobago/118/236/19 we are having an event tonight at our bar "The Watering Hole" and we are doing mud wrestling.
  12. We are at Santa Ramona Valley. Reach out to me in World for a LM
  13. https://satansrejectsmcsrv.wixsite.com/srmc-sl
  14. So Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! But no, the club is not divided on racial lines. African American members can be fully patched. Come and check us out
  15. When I went Gor it was hard to break in. I recommend reading the books. It's hard as hell cause they are horribly written. That said, it's not easy to get into of you have no idea what you are doing. It's very cliquey and people will ignore you if they do not seem you knowledgeable. It took me months to find a decent rp partner. I'm not sure what role you are looking to play but here are some quick tips: Gorean slave girls fall into mainly 3 categories: waitress (and God help you if you don't know serve protocol); sex toy; or dancing girl (my experience is in the south... Another caveat). There can be love between a master and slave. Free women: are supposed to be prude, uptight, and not like the slave girls. They are smart and haughty. Their purpose is to make babies for the free men while pretending they don't like sex in public. They can't go anywhere but their home city without a free man. There isn't always love between a free woman and her companion (husband). It is more like a business partnership for children. Free men: Rulers of the world. What they say goes. They can collar a woman of another city for any reason. They can beat a slave for any reason. What they say goes. Male slaves: get the least rp. Most free should find them disgusting. They are going against the natural order and it's pretty shameful. North vs South: North is cold, so you wear a lot more fur, semi Viking like but not Viking. The free women don't have to cover their faces. Female saves are called bonds and males are called thralls. The free worship Norse God's. South is warmer. Female slaves are called kajira and male slaves are called kajirus. South is more aristocratic. There is a Caste system which one is born into when one is free. The slaves have no caste and so be collared is to lose a caste. Each caste is assigned a color which the free wear proudly to proclaim their caste. The free worship the priest Kings (bugs). A slave cannot step foot in a temple or speak of the priest Kings or risk death. Free women tend to be covered from head to toe for modesty. They wear a head scarf and a face veil, especially if of a high caste. Lower castes tend to not have those things available. While it's not illegal to not wear a veil, free women risk being shunned by other free and being accused of slave like behavior (which can a woman in a collar) of she is unveiled. When a slave served a drink it tend to be on the left, on her knees, and with a bowed head reading the vessel. (Each different drink had a different vessel) In the south, when a female slave addresses a free, she does so from her knees. Her knees are parted wide for a free man, a d clamped tight for a free woman. Male slaves typically did not kneel for free unless instructed to. And she. They knelt they did so on one knee. Kneeling isn't such a bit thing in the north. Northern slaves tend to be rougher, heartier and bigger. Southern slaves are more delicate and refined. There is a higher protocol for southern slaves. I hope that helps. This is just a summary from my experience. I have friends at Port Kar and some at Svago that are good roleplayers. I believe those places are still active Good luck
  16. Hey Holly, I heard you got one of our sweet butts. I was in bed when I found out. Sorry if I missed your IM. We have a thing planned for Friday which will be perfect to introduce you! See ya in world!!
  17. 1% means they are an a motorcycle club that commits crimes. They have a diamond patch on their leather cut that says 1%. As in, 99% of motorcycle clubs are law abiding, but that 1% is not. The Son's of Anarchy MC Redwood Originals we're a 1% club as we're the Hell's Angels.
  18. Checked with our admin team... and you can rez bikes to ride but they may be auto-returned if left parked.
  19. We can work around that for bikes. I'd hate that to be a reason a good roleplayer doesn't come to rp. Just hit me up if interested
  20. We are looking for people interested in long-term storylines. We are a 1% Out Law Motorcycle Club looking to expand the brotherhood. Only males can be members but we have roles for the ladies too. We are located at Santa Ramona Valley, CA. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinpusher/91/193/16 This is an active sim that presents a lot of roleplay opportunities. We currently have 3 patched members in the Satan's Rejects; 2 old ladies; 2 sweet butts; and 1 hang around. So, there is a nice group. We are welcoming to newcomers and will roleplay with just about anyone. IC we run a pawn shop and a bar as our legitimate businesses. We also have a protection racket going and are producing fake ID's for the local university. We also run guns. We are currently abstaining from engaging in drug dealing roleplay as a lot of other players are using that as their crime on sim. If any of this sounds interesting, please contact me: Seraphine Morello (astridnaess) in world or you can reach out to any of the club members: Presdient: "Head Shot" Giovanni Morello (Zander.Bracken) Vice Pres: "Romeo" Falchon Member: "Locks" Axel Snow (hagakuri) Property of the Club: Seraphine "Princess" Morello (astridnaess) - Head Shot's Old Lady Evelyn "Streaks" King (elrecka.stardust) - Romeo's Old Lady Layla "Pop Tart" Peake (rutoo) - Sweet Butt Daliah "Socket" (daliah.raynier) - Sweet Butt Mable Windom (amsel.wombat) - Hang Around
  21. The Silver Crescent Wolf Pack has a few members and are looking for a new home. Contact me inworld, maybe we can work something out.
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