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  1. Need some help with finding the hair on this photo. If anyone here knows then please tell me as I've been looking for a while now
  2. Does anybody know where I can find the hair on this picture? I've been looking for it all over now so if anyone here knows then please let me know asap.
  3. I've been running into this problem for as long as I can remember to the point where I desperately need some answers. I want to know why some people see my bento hands spread out in a weird manner and meanwhile I see them just fine. Here's a snapshot one of my friends sent me so you get a better idea what I'm trying to explain. https://gyazo.com/cc2210e87291c85c84fd6bed32631b1e I'm confused and don't know what I'm doing wrong so was wondering if any of you could come up with a solution. Thanks in advance for taking the time and replying..
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