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  1. Oh, Same here. I have to speak all day at work. Then some more at other daily activities. Texting seems more compatible to my relax-enjoy-socialize time.
  2. Text, always. I think I have never voiced on SL. I like text because not only I find it easier, I also think it is better to keep track of what is going on. It also helps my creativity as I am always this kind of "story creative".
  3. Hey guys and girls, I'm Dave and I'm actively looking for socialization in-world: friends, colleagues, party-mates, gym-buddies. I'm very friendly and welcoming. I like a lot of things in-world and I'm up to building nice relationships with different people. I like to get into my av's story, so it's a good way to enjoy SL, I think. If anyone is up to anything in different situations and build a good friend list, I would love to meet up. I'm gay but I befriend anyone who wishes - boy, girl, trans, human, furry, beasts.... I like everyone. You can always chat with and find me in-
  4. Hey everyone! I'm looking for friends to explore, hang out and so on. I'm nice and open-minded guy. You can contact me in-world (DvOxf). I'm into science, nature, music, dancing, art.
  5. Hey, guys! I'm back to SL after several months. I would like to make gay friends and RP. Hang out, have fun, visit new places, chat, etc. If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to chat! You can look for me on the grid; I'm DvOxf. See you soon!
  6. I would love to RP, but I have also been trying to find partners for it. I'm into lifelike RP and maybe some Sci-Fi stuff or hanging out.
  7. Oh, Lillith. This is what I most feared. I have seen countless complaints about Samsung notebooks and Linux. I am thinking about changing it back to Win10 or getting a different notebook that might actually work with the programs I need. Thank you very much for your time!
  8. Hello, everyone! I'm going to be direct here. I have tried ALL SL Viewers on my computer. None of them will run. I have updated software, drivers, reinstalled. I have also used Linux viewers as well as Windows versions running through Wine. Sadly, nothing has worked. Some viewers will not open, some will give me a message saying I ought to update my drivers (which I carefully did), some will run for a couple of minutes and suddenly close. I could, however, get one Viewer to work (Alchemy). Nevertheless, it will only run if the graphic setting is on "low". Once I enhance the gra
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