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  1. Problem was solved by Chat Support. I am online again ! yay !
  2. I logged at a Bellisseria Region, will be difficult to restart. I think i will have to wait that the support is available ^^ at 6 am SLT
  3. I get with this account the login failure message "Account already logggin in" I can't login into secondlife. I tested that even with several viewers (even with Textviewers). Anyone knows how i can fix that ?
  4. there are still campers available. *still hopes for a trad home*
  5. you dont need 2 windows, that just makes your computer slower, just use the Keyword "Bellisseria". around 2 am SLT i was able to get (another) houseboat. i am not in the us too, i am in germany. and i am pretty sure you will get one too. try best when americans have to sleep. they come random. which page ? the house selection page is here: https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/my-home.php
  6. saw it too .. so it seems it was just the abandoned one
  7. i wish you all good luck 😃 and myself also happy house-hunting !
  8. i am sorry, i thought it would popup immidiatly .. but it seems it dont. so we have to wait
  9. hey folks, as you remember i got a houseboat yesterday, but .. i don't like the location .. and actually i am more behind one of the traditional homes. so i will abandon the houseboat today again and make someone of you happy. i hope that pays me enough karma to get the trad. home of my dreams 💓 i will abandon the houseboat at 10 am SLT (7pm CEST) good luck you all !
  10. your ping is better than mine. so connection is faster. and btw. better never show your IP open.
  11. If you do a speedtest it would make more scense to make a speedtest testing the connection to tucson, az .. where the secondlive servers are. There is this one suggested in the Firestorm-Preferences: https://tucson.speedtest.net/. that wont help you to get your trad. House / Houseboat of course. Actually i dont think yet since i got one houseboat too, its more about (trained) skill click the buttons instead of internet connection that are my results btw:
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