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  1. no, I've tried multiple regions this is a problem that has been going on consistently for 2 weeks now. It's frustrating because when I use the same laptop on the weekend at home it's fine, but when I'm here on base it keeps being a problem.
  2. When I login the load screen stops at "waiting for region handshake", then it goes back to the viewers login page with a message that says we're having trouble connecting, there may be a problem with your connect or the SL grid. The viewer auto updater is still working (this is the default SL viewer), and Firestorm has the exact same issue when I login. The problem seems to be with my internet on base. I'm in the military and I'm using boingo (as it's the only thing available to me) and I only have this problem when I use boingo, when I took the same laptop back home it worked fine on my home internet. I've turned off my computer firewall completely as a test and didn't change the issue. Any thoughts?
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