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  1. @Chic Aeon Okay, that makes sense now. Thank you so much for clarifying that. I was starting to be more confused about that after doing some searching than I was about my original question.
  2. @Pamela Galli me commenting on this is a little like the blind leading the blind, but I do know that collada files coincide primarily with 3D software programs and seem to work best when using it for mesh. I did see that some animations can be exported using collada, however, it has issues with some bones made up in parts of the animation. I just wanted to at least give it a shot at answering your question. Backing up seems to work best with most everything else. *shrugs* I hope this helped at least a little.
  3. I really wish that Second Life would provide an export ability along side uploading for this very situation. I just can't see why they haven't done it yet if they are your own creations. :(( They've had features way back that were very useful and became obsolete over time. If anyone knows why this is let me know so I can have a solid conversation with them about it.
  4. @Wulfie Reanimator Oh, I see! Thank you! Years ago I was able to download the text version of my animations, but I'm clueless how I did it now. I guess I'm going to have to dig a little deeper on that topic. I'm pretty sure if I can get the animation's code I can bring it into Blender to work with it. If I figure it out I will let all of you know. Thanks again for all the help.
  5. @WhirlyFizzle I tried the link you gave for the animations but it turned up a syntax error when trying to load the page. Can I get that link again?
  6. The creations I am referring to are primarily ones that I created on my computer and uploaded to SL. However, my computer had to be recovered a long time ago and I lost all of that work. As far as in-world creations from prims and images, those I did create inside of SL, are still my own work according to SL's TOS so long as I am not using other work derived from other creators (including Linden Labs). I also have mesh and animations that were created in-world using gadgets that creators have built to make 100% original works (not ones that change your name to the owner - that's illegal). With that being said, SL is a creative platform that provides 'tools' to make your own creations. Similar to a graphic, 3D, animation or any other design software programs that you use to create with, all creative work belongs to you. You can use any program with creative tools to make illegal works of art (broadly used) that infringe on others rights. The point being, if you use any creative works that you did not make entirely from scratch then they are not 100% your own. If you make something that is entirely yours it belongs to you whether it was created inside SL or any other program. SL is a platform for creating and should never be used for stealing. So back to all the help I've received so far. I did find out how to save my creations and download so that I can back them up, but not work with them on my computer. I have the latest Firestorm viewer and it was as simple as loading the items in a box, right clicking while it is in-world to bring up the pie menu > click more > ..more > save as Collada (mesh) or Backup (everything else). The only files that I can work with directly on my computer are the Collada files, but everything else is exactly what it says, 'Backup' in case of loss like I had. These are for objects that are created by you without the aid of any other designer works whatsoever. I can take my backup files and upload back to SL or my other VR world through OpenSims.
  7. Chic, that did work. In my version I have to rez inworld and choose save-as from the pie menu. I'm still looking for the animation solution. Thank you!
  8. I heard you could do this in Firestorm, but I have it and there isn't a save option. What version are you using? Do you know if you can save animations? I have a ton of them that I want to download and revise.
  9. Thank you Lindal, I will definitely check into that. I'm really wanting to download my items because I lost them off my computer a long time ago and have no way to work with them now. I don't want to have to recreate everything I've made from scratch and I can't edit them in SL or other virtual worlds. Again, I will try that tool though because I do use a blank private world that allows me to upload all my content for free so I can try it before uploading it to SL.
  10. I want to export my creations that are 100% mine to my computer, how do I do that? I'm not really understanding why this is a difficult thing since all the creations that I'm referring to are designed, created, and owned by me - shouldn't I have full access and digital rights to download it to my computer whenever I want and without feeling like I'm trying to steal my own creations?
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