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  1. 14 hours ago, Emma Krokus said:

    Message received when clicking Place Your Order on Marketplace -

    The page you were looking for doesn't exist.

    You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.

    This is not an address I typed in myself... so confused. 

    Anyone know what's happening there?

    Getting the same issue when trying to list items via "unlisted" tab (and "listed" for that matter) in browser


    Yet go to "edit listing" via the MP Listing window inviewer - works fine, opening in Chrome

  2. Just now, Fox Wijaya said:

    yes, but the exchange rates aren't something that's in reach of LL that's international economy, a international business as LL with SL can't base their fees on such fluctuating market.
    Residents out of the USA have this always changing levels since start.

    I know, I was merely mentioning it from a "small international merchant who's affected by price changes" POV 


  3. 4 minutes ago, Fox Wijaya said:

    in the merchants section it's also the same as with last raise... if you don't agree to some you'r put down as ignorant, stupid and not knowing what you'r talking about, acting like LL takes their last L$ ...

    To be totally honest, the exchange rate (global one I mean) can cost as much / offset the cost for smaller international merchants.

    It WAS costing me 115USD to get 100€ a couple of months ago, now it's 112USD for 100€, which is 3USD better for me. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

    I have already paid annually in April 2019, and my next payment due was April 2020. Now, I pay 72US before June 24 and can use SL as a premium member until April 2021.

    Isn't that correct?

    Of course it sucks for those whose budget don't allow them to spend 72US out of the blue in 3 weeks.


    Yup. I have another account who renewed in March, so that due date is *currently* March 2020, but I'll pre-pay at 72USD until March 2021.


    And yeah, cut me off drastically for plans I HAD for the money this month - I'd have expected a little more notice, but I guess some is better than none


    - Personally the land allowance, increased offlines (since they can't fix the "items sent from object - goes *poof*, but sent from avatar, all ok" bug), number of groups (yes, I'm maxed out at 60) and access to Live Chat make Premium worthwhile to me

  5. 14 minutes ago, Louisea Tigerpaw said:

    As far as I understand what I'm reading the only people that benefit from paying LL the $72  for old price this year is any accounts due between 3rd & 24th June this yr. For me my account is due after so will get hit with the $99.


    No, you can pre-pay between 3rd and 24th June to get an additional year to what is remaining at 72USD

    Eg, one of mine is due in October 2019, so I'll pre-pay a year in those 3 weeks, to make my next due date October 2020

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  6. 1 minute ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    You have to ask a Linden for their bear these days. If they have one they will give you a copy. Some will be copy/mod some will be copy/no mod. They are all no trans though. At least the few I've acquired are. Some are very prim heavy as well but still nice to put on display once in a while when you have the LI available.

    There was an island... last SL Birthday? Where you could 'buy' them for 0L each. A very few were no copy / trans, most were copy / no trans (and a mix of mod / no mod)

    - I still have some out on assorted plots (and yeah, some of the older ones were *really* high LI)

  7. 1 minute ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    One major problem with your idea. Many of the stores on the MP do not have an inworld store. So once again, basics would be ostracized/punished for not being able to afford premium. 

    So many of you want SL to be just like RL...well... with the blatant discrimination that has been quite visible in the forums the past 2 days you've succeeded. Congratulations.

    Nothing to do with discrimination. Premium members pay upfront, simple economics - pre-paid income - they have better 'options'.

    And yes, my thought would encourage more inworld stores and give an added bonus to being Premium.


    People complain mainland is 'empty' - pushing merchants to having an inworld store (if on free accounts) would aid that. Plus more folk going Premium to actively sell on MP would also mean they have their 1024sqm to use as they see fit - home or store.


    I've never claimed it was a popular opinion (with free account holders especially) but as the benefits previously mentioned (cutting down on the multitude of copybotters etc that LL apparently struggle with) combined with "encouragement" to use land inworld it's worth suggesting.


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  8. 1 hour ago, Phoebe Avro said:

    Yes my 11 year old club group goes up between 10-30 a day its currently at 15,383 members, sometimes as the owner of it i don't get notices when i am online, I was thinking some time ago of ejecting people that had not logged on in over a year but i am not sure there is a bulk way to eject avs like that and I am not sitting for weeks on end ejecting people one at a time.

    members & roles - members - click on the status column to organise by last online date (click again to bring the earliest date to the top), then click the top one you want to select, then scroll down, shift/click on the bottom (that selects all the ones in between, and you can see how many are selected lower down where it says "Everyone" role, then hit the eject.


    I culled my groups yesterday for folk who hadn't been online since 1st Jan 2017

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  9. 13 hours ago, Sasy Scarborough said:

    I think that the idea of an added premium is a good one, with a twist that will either have me beaten in the square or somewhat agreed with...

    Premium lite  3.00 usd monthly

    50 groups nothing else added

    Here is the killer part

    You must have a premium account to sell on marketplace - lite or higher

    This would decrease theft, overloading of gacha reselling that is illegal copies of content, stop fake full perms accounts selling empty boxes claiming to be well known products. It would also clean out old content with no active sellers. Giving a few months notice for people to get on board. No longer would creators have to watch people getting cash grabs off of their work unable to flag or dmca. It would mean they have to sign up with rl info like the rest of us.



    I've been saying for years MP should be selling for Premium only. Free accounts - browse, then buy inworld


    Two-fold - stops all what you say, PLUS would galvanise inworld land usage for stores.

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  10. 1 minute ago, Blush Bravin said:

    I'm probably going to be boo'd out of this thread with my comments, but here goes anyway. Groups have been a problem for a long time. Using them for advertising has become the norm but should they be? I don't think so. It would be better to use a subo system, as has been suggested in this thread. I personally think that not only the basic accounts but premium accounts as well should have a lower limit placed on groups. I also think that we need different types of groups where some features, like group chat, are not permitted.


    I have turned off chat in my groups, not least because they are free to join groups, and while ever folk fall for the altervista phishing links, they're just too much hassle.

    Groups were (way back) primarily used for rezzing abilities when you rented somewhere, not so much advertising. That has been a drastic shift in recent years.


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  11. Personally, I wish more creators would use subscribers - and likewise customers *join* those - they're more reliable at sending news than groups anyway (groups rarely actually send group notices to all folk).

    Likewise, I wish creators would have one official group (and subscriber), for THEM and their products, and an additional group for spam from other merchants who do products *for* the main product / brand.

    Personally I end up stopping group notices due to the multitude of spamverts, so miss any actual update news. If I want to join the spamvert group - I can.

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  12. 1 hour ago, AyelaNewLife said:

    In order:

    • Why remove quarterly payment plans? They're a staple of almost every subscription-based game out there, I just can't understand why or what you gain from this. Perhaps there's a real reason somewhere... but without it, this looks like a pointless spite decision.

    I personally think that is crazy. With jumping up to 99 USD PA, I'd actually think bringing in a NEW 6 monthly level would make more sense (eg, around 55 USD). It's a BIG jump from free / monthly to 99 USD in one lump, and putting levels in would encourage those who just can not afford 99 USD in one fell swoop to become Premium, thus bringing in more funds.

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  13. Hi.

    The Belleza Bento update DOES work with Omega Evolved appliers - you just need to re-do the installation.


    Note - INSTALLER you need to click (so you get the Thank You message in local chat) - not a relay

    [17:02] feet0: Omega is Setting up........ 
    [17:02] feet0: Thank you for Activating the Omega System!


    I just tested for my own sanity, using -Belleza- Venus V 5.1 BENTO


    Kind Regards


    (Omega Customer Support)


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