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  1. Getting the same issue when trying to list items via "unlisted" tab (and "listed" for that matter) in browser Yet go to "edit listing" via the MP Listing window inviewer - works fine, opening in Chrome
  2. I know, I was merely mentioning it from a "small international merchant who's affected by price changes" POV ☺️
  3. To be totally honest, the exchange rate (global one I mean) can cost as much / offset the cost for smaller international merchants. It WAS costing me 115USD to get 100€ a couple of months ago, now it's 112USD for 100€, which is 3USD better for me.
  4. Yup. I have another account who renewed in March, so that due date is *currently* March 2020, but I'll pre-pay at 72USD until March 2021. And yeah, cut me off drastically for plans I HAD for the money this month - I'd have expected a little more notice, but I guess some is better than none - Personally the land allowance, increased offlines (since they can't fix the "items sent from object - goes *poof*, but sent from avatar, all ok" bug), number of groups (yes, I'm maxed out at 60) and access to Live Chat make Premium worthwhile to me
  5. No, you can pre-pay between 3rd and 24th June to get an additional year to what is remaining at 72USD Eg, one of mine is due in October 2019, so I'll pre-pay a year in those 3 weeks, to make my next due date October 2020
  6. No idea. I just wanted bears 😁 https://gyazo.com/8d0d95a9abf8b331d2fb5ff34b1951b7
  7. There was an island... last SL Birthday? Where you could 'buy' them for 0L each. A very few were no copy / trans, most were copy / no trans (and a mix of mod / no mod) - I still have some out on assorted plots (and yeah, some of the older ones were *really* high LI)
  8. Nothing to do with discrimination. Premium members pay upfront, simple economics - pre-paid income - they have better 'options'. And yes, my thought would encourage more inworld stores and give an added bonus to being Premium. People complain mainland is 'empty' - pushing merchants to having an inworld store (if on free accounts) would aid that. Plus more folk going Premium to actively sell on MP would also mean they have their 1024sqm to use as they see fit - home or store. I've never claimed it was a popular opinion (with free account holders especially) but as the
  9. members & roles - members - click on the status column to organise by last online date (click again to bring the earliest date to the top), then click the top one you want to select, then scroll down, shift/click on the bottom (that selects all the ones in between, and you can see how many are selected lower down where it says "Everyone" role, then hit the eject. I culled my groups yesterday for folk who hadn't been online since 1st Jan 2017
  10. I've been saying for years MP should be selling for Premium only. Free accounts - browse, then buy inworld Two-fold - stops all what you say, PLUS would galvanise inworld land usage for stores.
  11. I have turned off chat in my groups, not least because they are free to join groups, and while ever folk fall for the altervista phishing links, they're just too much hassle. Groups were (way back) primarily used for rezzing abilities when you rented somewhere, not so much advertising. That has been a drastic shift in recent years.
  12. Personally, I wish more creators would use subscribers - and likewise customers *join* those - they're more reliable at sending news than groups anyway (groups rarely actually send group notices to all folk). Likewise, I wish creators would have one official group (and subscriber), for THEM and their products, and an additional group for spam from other merchants who do products *for* the main product / brand. Personally I end up stopping group notices due to the multitude of spamverts, so miss any actual update news. If I want to join the spamvert group - I can.
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