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  1. Hello! :) Still new to the world, so I would be friends in need. If you think you can write in and talk to me as private. :)
  2. Hey I'm still relatively new to the world of Second Life, but now managed to find a lot of good friends, whose very glad. However, two are missing something in my life; a family to whom I belong, I would be happy to someone's sister, sister, perhaps. On the other what I'm looking for the big love letter. If any one is interested, feel free to write me a private message. :)
  3. I applied for the job, the application form I spent all I hope good.
  4. Yes, Kotelle revealed that this will be the problem. October least I learn to know the world.*-*
  5. Hey Really like it was the score. Now i love this, only the problem that there is no to 30 min day. Nevertheless sign?
  6. Yes, i'm 18 yrs old. Case also registered. And there in the image of the my problem. And i don't know what could be wrong...
  7. Hey! I'M a new, and is very happy if I could someone, possibly a 'family' belong. Thanks the answers
  8. hey, guys Last night im registered with a lot of all there is what you do not understand. most of that I can't change the general->adul. do not allow... i don't know a good place I wrote this, but I hope you can help me
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