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  1. I see them everywhere, with people standing around them like zombies. What are they?
  2. I, uh... Fixed it without buying anything. I just didn't have Export to SL/OpenSim pressed... I can now make Giant/Tiny/etc avatar with no problem... Thank you for your help.
  3. Why do I get that weird pose? ;A; I'm importing just the default avatar from the workbench...
  4. Thank you OptimoMaximo!! I've got Blender, so... How do I do #2 there lol. And where can I get the plugin?
  5. I would love to know how to change the joints so that there are different scale and proportion, yes hehe. (Is there a better name for that?)
  6. Hello! Just as the titles says, I'm looking for someone who can teach me how to make rig deformers (the stuff that makes giant/tiny avatars), in Blender. I'm a beginner in 3D, but I know the basics. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hello! I'd like to know how to make Avatar Deformers. There doesn't seem to be information anywhere on how to do it (everything there is seems to be outdated). Please help me out. I'd appreciate it a bunch. Thank you!
  8. I'm interested in being a commentator or referee! Please link your location too please, I'm very interested in checking it out, thanks in advance!
  9. Do you wish to have the truck have the same maneuverability and "driving" as a truck? Because this would involve some scripting and a few other things too (a custom "dasher" of a sort). Or is just having it be an avatar on you alright? Note that with this you could still jump, turn around real fast, etc, which a IRL Truck can't do.
  10. Hi! I draw lots of butts and boobs lol. I've no idea if this is what you're looking for but if I can be included - let's make it happen! Here's my deviantart for reference: http://cuddle-beam.deviantart.com/ Thanks you in advance!
  11. Hello! I'm aiming to open a shop which features Corsets, Tiny waist, Giant Boobs & Butt items of Meshes and Clothing. Below is an example of my own artwork which I'd like to translate into 3d items. I'd like a shop design which: Can fit into a 32 x 32 or a bit larger. I wouldn't have much to sell at first. Is expandable or has a larger version. If it goes well, I want to expand the shop and go bigger with more products and space (Or maybe it would be better to just get a large place to start with for the sake of Landmarks? Let me know your opinion). Optionally, has "play" areas. For example, corset dress/try area with measuring tape script toys (I know how to code, and if its appropriate for your design, lets do it). Has a cozy "London Store" kind of feel to it. Features my name "Cuddlebeam" for branding purposes. A store front idea is appreciated but not required, because the store will likely be in the sky somewhere lol. Is optimized for virtual shopping. I want to know the science behind the design. Please shoot me a message with your your rates, past experience and other relevant information. Thank you in advance!
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