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  1. So you meet someone in SL and you seem to click, one thing leads to another and you would like to progress further and possibly into RL. You find out that they sell RL nude photos online, would you encourage them to continue their exploits or would you ask them to stop? Would love everyone's opinion. Edit* If you were the ones taking the pics would you also stop if your partner asked you to?
  2. I didn't realise after all this time you can get a 512 mainland plot to buy instead of using the Linden home, now the fun begins trying to work out the best way of finding a nice plot to buy
  3. Thanks Jewell, I decided to go ahead and give 3 months a go. Figured it's a good way to dip my feet back into premium. I was looking for a place to rent and worked out it would cost me about $400 a week for what I was looking at so works out cheaper for me to go premium.
  4. Hi All This has been asked a million times over but I have been away from SL for quite some time and haven't had premium in years. Is it still worth getting in 2017? I might of answered my own question but I worked out I would be getting approx AU$9.50 worth of Lindens a month from the weekly stipend, I don't rent a place and I usually go to sandboxes to rezz so the free home could be used for something more private. I used to buy Lindens every couple of weeks for clothes and what not so the 300L a week could be used to go shopping at the end of each month to spoil myself.
  5. I know an ex who would fit that quote perfectly too.
  6. Not sure if this is a little too rude, I think it should be OK.
  7. Trying my hand at some more SL photography. I still have a lot to learn but getting there slowly.
  8. Thank you, I did decide to stop last night just in case I broken something. Harder than I thought it would be to shape a head.
  9. Messing around with GL's gift head. My first bento head so it's been a challenge, 8 hours work and i'm nearly there, still a few things i'm not happy with but work in progress.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. I did forget to say what I was after which is more of a cruising bike, high speeds and my internet don't mix well. The Extreme Superbike I have and love it so decided to try more of a Harley type this time round. @Rachel1206 Thank you, I will have a look at both of the ones you mentioned.
  11. Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section. I came back to SL recently after a break and it's been at least 3 years, possibly more since I have purchased a motorcycle and wanted to get peoples opinions on some of the current creators and who are good. I believe my go to creator years ago was MotorLoon, are there any other places worth taking a look at. Cheers
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