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  1. Thanks for your answers. Have tried rezzing a new HUD but that has not solved the problem. Could someone please tell me where to go to get a redelivery or where to buy a different mesh body as I am five months pregnant in SL and want to build my body again from scratch.
  2. Sorry forgot to say have shut down computer at least twice and disconnected it from power supply. Also tried with the HUD removing and adding body parts. No effect .
  3. My laptop did a reboot. When I logged back into SL my husband did a forced tp on me to his location before my log in was complete. We now have the following problem. He sees my avatar complete as it was before my laptop rebooted. I get several warning triangles with script error/debug messages and only see part of my avatar. We have both provided each other with snapshots to prove this. I am using Firestorm and Maitreya Lara V4.1 Any ideas how to solve this problem? Attached is a snapshot of what I see
  4. Thanks Callum I only hope that one day I will be able to help you out
  5. Thanks Callum. If someone could point out this post to my SL husband that would be great.
  6. The laptop that I play SL on is currently broken. I am sending this message using my chrome book which cannot run the SL viewer. Does anyone know of a way that I can contact my SL husband and give him a message that until my laptop is fixed or I get a new computer capable of running SL I will not be online in SL. THANKS
  7. Thanks Madelaine it worked. I was not aware that you had to upload it twice and would never have known how to get it to appear here.
  8. Being a newbie it was suggested to me a couple of days ago that I should upload a photo to my profile. I have now got a proper customised avatar and there is a picture of it on my profile. I tried using the same picture to appear when I post in these forums and you can see the result here. At comments or suggestions where I have gone wrong or is it too difficult for me to have a picture here.
  9. I believe that you are both right as I do not seem to have any trouble teleporting to land parcels for sale. Can I add for any store owner please sort out where stock is in your store. They just seem to be large spaces to get around. I find the online Marketplace easier to use.
  10. No as I am not using firestorm. But thanks for your answer though.
  11. Had to post this as I forgot the notify me of replies button
  12. So as not to start a new thread I have a problem with teleporting. When I am in the marketplace and wish to visit a store I click on the name of the store and a Second Life map comes up saying visit this location. I click on that but then in my Second Life viewer a different place profile pops up for me to teleport to. Any ideas what is going wrong? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the advice. Will do as suggested. If anyone knows of an easy way to find suitable land to set up my liar it would be most welcome
  14. As a newbie I am finding it very difficult to meet submissives. If anyone is interested (either a dom or sub) in talking to me to see if we can find common ground please contact me
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