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    Change Password

    I want to create a new password. When i go to the change password box it states passwords must be between 6-16 characters and include a number or symbol. Well I tried that and watched as password would go from Very Weak to Weak then back to Very Weak! Turns out the system wont take a password less than 10 CHARACTERS! Seriously??? Thats longer than my bank account and your directions state 6-16. I spent 20 mins trying to sort this till i just started typing randon numbers and it turns out it must be 10 characters long!
  2. wait til Progeny....you don't have to accept nor can you prevent the event
  3. No...lol My 1st avi was bitten in her first week by a hidden BloodlInes Hud (thot I accepted a hug or dance). Very new so I threw her away and started a new one. My name is meant satirical and I don't even visit vamp lands. It was confirmed by 2 different people.
  4. How does the impact me? I don't go to Vampire, Lycan or Hybrid sims. I have never heard of, consented to participate in nor lend my name to Progeny; yet I was greeted with "oh, you like to play with vampires huh?" In open chat and a crowded room. Seems I had been fed on and am now listed as a SHADE in their database; all without my knowledge, consent or action! I am now some sort of Vamp food source to all in their system when I knew nothing of it! How is this acceptable? I would consider this a Cyber Crime, specifically under Sect 72- Breach of Confidentiality and Privacy. Possibly
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