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  1. Great tip, thank you I do creative work in RL and this is so easy to overlook, especially when it comes time to give time estimates to clients
  2. And FWIW, I'm in no hurry. I'd rather take the time to learn things that are worthwhile before going straight to working with appliers or mesh clothing, if that is the case.
  3. I have no idea! I was using as an example: is it worth spending time creating system layers or am I just as well off going straight to making appliers?
  4. Ultimately, I'd like to learn how to make clothes, layers, skins, makeup, tattoos, eyelashes, nails (have I forgotten anything?!) for mesh/bento avatars, including but not limited to specific brands/heads/bodies. I appreciate this will involve a LOT of learning, and that the limited skills and knowledge I've acquired so far barely scratch the surface. So, for example, is it worth me spending more time making and texturing clothes using system layers? Are there things to learn doing that that would be transferable to making applier layers for mesh bodies? Or should I try jumping in mo
  5. I'm happy to acknowledge that you may have meant no harm. However, it has now been pointed out to you that your approach and phrasing are harmful, let alone giving a poor representation of you. It's your choice whether you double-down or take a step back to reconsider your OP. This would be the perfect time to educate yourself. Standing up for peoples' identities and humanity is not pettiness or being super-sensitive. It's about having the civility and respect not to negate other peoples' existences. Maybe that's something you don't have to contend with for yourse
  6. It would have been perfectly fine to say the group was for cis-women only. Plenty of lesbian cis-women manage to be grown-up enough to state their preferences without feeling the need to negate other womens' existence by implying that only cis-women are 'real'. Then you're accepting that applies to everyone else too. I saw a gross, unnecessarily transphobic post that could have been phrased without making an attack on other womens' identities. If you post ignorant, bigoted, misogynistic comments, expect to get called out on them.
  7. Could you clarify this? I can appreciate you'd want to exclude cis-men using female avatars, but what's your policy regarding transwomen (who're also 'real' women)? Voice-verification suggests you mean to include only cis-women. Whereas using the term 'real' is potentially dehumanising and hurtful to some.
  8. Not answering your question as such, but Bare Rose has a huge selection of flat-chested femme outfits. Apologies if you already know the store
  9. Yeah, I spent ages dithering over it (as a relative newb), expecting it to be horribly complicated. I was so wrong And now that I think of it, I might start using it as my main AO again (I currently just use it for auditioning purposes), and reduce the load on my Bright AO..
  10. If you like tinkering or don't want to spend much, you can always get copies of the many and various free AOs out there, rez them one by one, copy their contents into inventory folders, and then audition the animations from each to find your favourites. Once you've got a shortlist, load them into an AO Hud and edit the notecard to reflect your choices. Incidently, if you're using Firestorm, it has a built in AO that's easy to edit (no notecards!), causes zero lag, and works perfectly in a set-and-forget manner (although you can also create alternative 'sets' of animations that you can cho
  11. Oh, and here's one of my system head watching me edit Giselle (from another window) : I can't help think she looks slightly teary-eyed..
  12. So, I've been driving myself up the wall trying to edit a shape for the Giselle head that doesn't make me want to go running back to my much-loved system head/shape/skin combo! Progress so far: My system head and shape with WoW Skins Katty Bronze. Giselle with the same skin and (the most recent) edited shape. My system head and shape with my usual skin (LAQ Camille). Why did I want a mesh head again??
  13. Good point, and one I'd overlooked - having spent most of the last couple of months finding solutions and workarounds for making clothes fit my system body (ie a couple of shape variations and many 'borrowed' alphas!), I'm a little unprepared for how differently awkward it can be for mesh bodies. So, for anyone thinking of going the Alta-route, demo, demo, then demo some more!
  14. Oh, just wanted to mention.. Altamura are currently offering up to 80% off bento fullbody models to group members (until the 20th Dec) - that's just L900 + L40 group fee for an omega-compatible full bento body and head! A quick scan of the mp tells me there's a choice of two male and three female models, although I haven't checked inworld for which ones display the group-only price. Added to that, their latest releases, Aaron and Mia, are also 80% off. 'cos, y'know, some people might not feel the need to wait for the Jenny full-version offer...
  15. Yep, the WoW calendar lets you collect gifts from previous days My 'Advent picks' notecard has all the LMs organised into 'Current day only' and 'Previous days too' so I can save myself a little schlepping here and there And I'm really liking the free eBody classic on my alt - the 12 skin tones make it pretty versatile, although omega compatibility would be even better. I'm not sure I want to splash out on another relay yet though - I'm still new to mesh/ appliers, and I want to save up and see what Altamura offer as a deal on the full version of Jenny after xmas...
  16. Great work Chic! And you've inspired me to try the eBody with my alt And snap! I've been using the darktan Katty tone for my alts for weeks
  17. To answer my own question: It used to be the ' Support Group ', but has changed very recently. Search for 'Omega Obsession' in groups (free join) to get the L50 price.
  18. So, which is the correct group? I just tried to pay L50 while wearing the 'Omega Applier Systems - Support Group' tag and got turned down
  19. First time posting in this thread...does my most recent pic count, if it wasn't exactly today? Preparing for Yule..
  20. A lovely Angel was telling me that after they released the free male avatar in the MOH10 hunt, it was released as a full version for around L900, before it went up to the usual 4-figure price. Fingers crossed...
  21. that looks a lot like one of the blush settings to me, from my brief click-through of the HUD options earlier
  22. Yup! the main limitation for me is the lack of skins, but everything else is great Some possible joy to look forward too, from the alta/jenny blog post: If it's anything like the male avatar deal, it'll be sweet
  23. Yay! So, can anyone tell me if the extra skin I found in the Maya HUD appeared in theirs too? As in, maybe it's the one it comes with and the Baltic set are extra? Here's the pic again:
  24. Ok, I got this head the first day (yup, it took a few crashes!). I've never used a mesh head with a HUD like this before so it took me a few goes to figure it out. The " Altamura: Head WOMAN HUD v0.34" (actually v0.36, despite what the NC says) was there on first rez, along with: "MAYA - baltic" HEAD skin applier: this includes 4 skin tones, each with 4 makeup variations. You click on the skin tone icon in the applier for it to appear in the HUD. "MAYA - blatic [sic] sea" makeup base applier: again, click on the icons here (hairbase, brows, eyeshadow, blush, lips, lashes
  25. @JoeDex: how might I go about looking for abandoned land? And is squatting considered bad form?
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