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  1. I am using Ubuntu Linux and have a problem with the SL Viewer. Up to version 4 I was able to select either the built in browser or the default browser from the Preferences tab: On the viewer I chose Me > Preferences > Setup > Web: Then select either the default browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc) or the built in SL browser. Beginning with version 4 of the Linux Client those options are grayed out and cannot be changed. Default browser is the one selected. The options for enabling plugins, accepting cookies, and enabling Java are active and can be changed. How/what can I do to restore the browser built into the SL Viewer? So far I have updated the system, all drivers and utilities, changed firewall settings, updated the browser with no success. I have also edited the settings.xml file to confirm that the correct values were entered. Without this setting I can't check profiles or search places, people & things from within SL. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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