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  1. 1. "Marketing Manager & Photographer" Those two careers combined earn a lot more than what you're offering inworld and it's a lot more valuable than "nothing". You say it's for models to get exposure, but what do they get at the end of the day? Absolutely nothing but more unpaid publicity and opportunities. Their time is invaluable to you. So they'll look somewhere else. 2. Upon your profile Ms Colclough. 50L$ to join a group is one of your "Model's Workshop" groups. So @chrzang was right on the group fee. secondlife:///app/group/0b48687e-b400-6d60-5547-48b114c49c8c/about I took a screenshot, just incase you change it. 3. Based upon all these assumptions, you want more people but your boss doesn't want to spend anything (low budget probably - you stated you're a personal assistant, so I can't blame you if you got paid to type all of that for nothing). 4. @ImaTest Should have had the so-called "knee-jerk reaction" because, you are making money off your staff, 50L for group fee & not having to pay the staff. People should know about the details of the career and the reviews before signing up to something like this. 5. But after all, it is up to you what you do with your staff and how you reward and value them. But I would like to suggest that you give your staff a perk, otherwise the business is useless. I seen another ad around here that gives perks and pays for models (free photos & 50L-100L per photoshoot - publicity for both model and photographer). I'm pretty sure they'll go there rather than here. You need to make yours unique in order to be getting quality staff rather than free-timers. But I'm not hating as long as it isn't hurting anyone.
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