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  1. The Estate is meant to be a place where bimbos babes and the men that like them can go and hang out. Too many places supposedly made for straight bimbos and babes in Second Life are harsh and aggressive. This one's made by bimbos, for other bimbos. A safe space for like minded girls to get together. Men can come and visit and watch- but they have to follow the rules. There's even a cigar lounge in the estate if men want to go chat about man things! Included on the estate is a pool, bar, dance floor (with an up to date, modern dance machine), even dance poles if girls want to try that! Skyboxes are being added all the time with new options, too! Most importantly, the Estate provides a home for bimbos and babes that don't have a place to call home! More information can be found in the girl's only room, but what's offered is a safe place to set as home, login, log out, unpack boxes and sort inventory, and more! It's all offered free of charge, so bimbos and babes can keep spending their L$ on more important things, like shoes! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tyrell Prime/35/64/63
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