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  1. DJ events where we had more variety and more places to go too... that actually had some people attending. It's rough to land in a place with 4 employees (or bots), A DJ and a host and nothing else. Then they are nudging for tips on autopilot and gesturebating. Little involvement or conversation is encouraged.. and often it seems to be discouraged. I do know there are still some popular places but they seem to be dwindling. Connected to that there are few places to dance that aren't completely dead either, we have all this stuff to dress up in, all these wonderful dances but just not as many
  2. I agree don't rush and demo, demo, demo. For a good look at least 10-15k including some good hair, but sometimes there are nice sales or even give-aways. Problem is you kind of have to know what's out there to see it... and you have to have some patience. I've gone through three mesh heads before I finally really liked the one I have now. Then for clothes if you get a well known body there are lots of freebies and lots of group gifts or group join specials to start you off. If you know a look you like ask them what they have on. Remember the shape you make under it can make the mesh look real
  3. I was really excited to try this body, but after working and working with the shape... I just can't make the butt small enough to suit me. I do see on their web site a coming soon area where the Kupra mesh body is so I'm crossing my fingers for more mesh options in the future. I use Belleza Freya and nothing is as good to me shape wise yet for the look I want, but I'd love to switch to a body that has the look and the support also, because Belleza isn't doing good with support or upgrading. I'll keep an eye on this creator!
  4. You might like one of my boyfriend's properties. We built it for our family and it's not geared toward stripping or a cash grab. Completely open and free for people to use. There is no dress code for women (just men), and no open sex, but there are skyboxes for that. There's a voyeur style dressing room for girls only. There is a men's cigar room with lapdance chairs and and some stripper poles.. but anyone can use them, we don't employ girls and don't allow escorting. Just thought it would be great if there was a place where couples could come to live out their play a bit. We have
  5. For me avatar looks definitely play a big role in second life friendships. My avatar represents what I live out in second life and a big part of why I'm here. I know this and have pursued it and am great with it. When I meet someone their looks tells me a whole lot about why they are in second life too. Is there a possibility to have in-world fun with them? .. shopping, dancing, chatting about common interests... having a good time. If they don't appreciate similar things looks wise we just are not going to have much in common to maintain a relationship in second life. Not saying I haven't
  6. It's really nice.. I had lots of trouble cause I'd change from really tall shoes to normal heel shoes or barefoot and I hate using the hoverheights... theres a demo of course too.
  7. This was made for me after I kept having problems with my own shoe heights, and I told him he should put it on sale so everyone can try. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Auto-Magic-Shoebase/19928317
  8. I was looking at a shopping chat while sitting on my boyfriends lap in sl and one person was saying I hope they get rid of all that nastiness! Meaning when and if things change in sl they hope the sex stuff goes. We had a laugh over that because sex is the bread and butter of sl. There would be a mass exodus if they cut out those parts. I'll decorate a place/scene to get a a mood set... enjoy dressing up in sl fantasy manner for it. Get dances to have fun and entice. Go on dates to set the mood for something more to come. I can spend a lot of time in sl not having sex actually but being at
  9. You might want to look into Maitreya too. It can be made slender and without too many curves. There is also the Lucy body that you can get for free by clicking a midnight madness board. Look up Lucy Shoes in world to find that option, join the group for free and hit that midnight madness board. That way you don't have to put much investment (if any) into your first mesh body. There's is a purchase you can make for about 200 linden that makes it BOM capable. The Lucy body uses mostly Maitreya clothing and slink shoes and there are lots and lots of group gifts and great freebies out there so yo
  10. Just ran across this... wow! There are many girls that want to submit, be transformed and are also lesbian or bisexual and want companionship in sl! I hope you find what you want Rhonda and the current possibility works out for you. Don't settle and unless your rolling in the green make sure they are right for you before you start making upgrades. I'm wishing you luck!
  11. The Estate is meant to be a place where bimbos babes and the men that like them can go and hang out. Too many places supposedly made for straight bimbos and babes in Second Life are harsh and aggressive. This one's made by bimbos, for other bimbos. A safe space for like minded girls to get together. Men can come and visit and watch- but they have to follow the rules. There's even a cigar lounge in the estate if men want to go chat about man things! Included on the estate is a pool, bar, dance floor (with an up to date, modern dance machine), even dance poles if girls want to try
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