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  1. I have an example link from another store that I got like that. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/de-DE/stores/47213/ Cut the bold bit out to make the link https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/47213/ And then you should see the store in your preferred language
  2. Show owners that paste the link to their marketplace in their profile, but leave in the language code. That causes my Marketplace to change language as well, and I've had numerous mails from MP in German or French, telling me one of my items had sold out, or someone gifted me an item, or whatever other mails Marketplace will send.
  3. Actually, the picture is not photshopped. The guy is was called the Russian Popeye. He grew his biceps by injecting them with pertoleum jelly (synthol), which made his biceps grow beyond proportions. A couple of months ago he needed emergency syrgery to remove dead muscle tissue, to prevent the loss of his arms. They took out 3 pounds of dead muscle out of his arms. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7702789/Popeye-bodybuilder-3lb-dead-muscle-removed-surgeons.html
  4. Well I'l throw mine in the mix as well. My Flickr I've followed several myself
  5. If you are using Firestorm, there might even be a better option to cut down on viewer side lag. What I do to cut down on lag in very busy events, I go to world menu, and select 'Show friends only' at the very bottom of the menu. This will derender everyone that is not on your friendslist. Navigating might be a bit tricky as you can walk into people, but then again, in laggy sim everyone remaining around the landing spot, is prone to be walked into. Personally, I navigate by the minimap in those situations. The setting will be turned off automatically on teleport, so you do not need to remember turning it off.
  6. My issue isn't with the darkness of the background on the Dark template the forum uses, it's with the Lindens that use a forced font colour that is barely visible on a forum theme they are offering as an option themselves. They should just leave the font colour to default when making posts, and in the dark theme their posts will show with lighter lettering.
  7. Why do the Lindens use a forced black font so often? I prefer to use the Dark view of the forums, as it's a bit easier on the eyes, but it stood out to me that many Lindens post in black font which stays black when switching to the Dark view. This is really annoying, because to be able to read this, I either need to switch to default view (which I switched away from deliberately), or highlight the text. You would expect that members from the company would be aware there is a dark mode in which black font is very little contrast?
  8. Stores the use a hud based unpacker for their items, which shoves a subscriber request in your face, before even offering the item you just bought. I hate subscribo, especially automatically enlisted ones. I don't want to be on a subscribo list, just because I bought something at your store. And if someone puts me on a subscribo list, at least make it easy for me to unsubscribe, and don't put your subscribo panel 3000 meters above the store.
  9. Would it be possible to override animation priority? Sometimes I would love to override my seating animation priority, because in a lot of places my avatar ends up inside the seat because the animation priority clashes with the seat's animation priority.
  10. The same thing we do every night, Pinky... Try to take ov... Oh... wrong line... Today I am just working and later on perhaps I will be working on a new picture and blogpost.
  11. I will start Altered Carbon 2 this weekend. Furthermore, I am catching up on Suits, Vikings, and the Arrowverse series.
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