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  1. I'm looking here, but actually I shouldn't be in this topic. I'm still a full 10 months short of being 40+. But I also belong to the group of people that started SL in their 20's (not on this avatar though). Sp I guess I can relate to a lot of people here apart from the fact that I'm an 80's kid, and never experienced the 70's.
  2. lavalois

    Any Idea?

    Heads nowadays aren't immediately recognisable from their shape, as with bento the head shape can be altered as well. So even if it's different in the store, it could still be that the head on your picture is the same head a the om you saw in the store.
  3. Haven't seen anything but the trailer, but I did like the feel of the series. I'll have to squeeze it into our binge schedules.
  4. I was going to recommend ItGirls, but then I saw the request for classic heads. I don't know whether they provide classic skins, actually. The last skin maker that I used wiuth a classic skin and that is still around is Pink Fuel. I'm quite sure they still sell classic skins and Maitreya Lara skins as well.
  5. I was about to post exactly this. That is the method I use to save my camera position. It woks perfectly. Once I have found a camera angle, I save it, and then go about dressing the scene, with props, artificial lighting, pose(stand), avatar. Then I use the eye with up arrow button, and everything is back to the chosen camera angle. It's built in FireStorm, so no huds needed either.
  6. I've showed it to my friend and this is exactly the dress he was looking for! Apparently his sense of time was a bit off, but it's fairly recent nonetheless. Thank you @Iki Kimono
  7. I've had the same issue with the HUD earlier this week, after which I tried this solution, which fortunately helped for me. I could not figure out what caused the issue though. The issue with bodies becoming invisible for others happens with almost all body brands, and is caused by wearing 2 or more attachments on avatar center. It's easily avoided by attaching the body on another attachment point which is not used. The bodies are rigger after all, and it does not matter which attachment point they are attached to. I believe my Maitreya body is attached to the tail tip attachment point with me...
  8. For me Refresh attachments usually works when that happens. I don't know whether that function is in the Official Viewer, but it is in FireStorm, under the avatar menu -> Avatar Health. That function also helps when your body seems detached to others, but you can see it normally and cannot detach it.
  9. I'll tell him about this, although he was talking about a long dress and is was last month or the month before, but thanks for this anyway!
  10. A friend of mine thought he saw a dress for male bodies on a fair recently, but he couldn't for the life of him remember which one it was or which creator it was from. He thought the dress had a fit for Signature Gianni and Belleza, as well, as some female bodies. Does anyone over here know what he is talking about?
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