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  1. I got mine just around noon SLT yesterday... Was hoping for a houseboat, but will keep this one for a while untill they are more readily available.
  2. Yes, but If you need to take the opposite side of your parcel into account, you could also argue that the house you put up also might be an offense to your neighbour's view. As far as I am concerned, my neighbours do not get to complain about the sides of my parcel they are not neighbouring to.
  3. No. You can be bitten an unlimited amount of times, by an unlimited amount of people... This is only partially true though. If I remember correctly, if you have accepted a bite once, but not buy the hud, any other player attempting to bite/attack/whatever they have nowadays will get the message that you have been bitten before, and you need to buy a HUD. They will not be able to bite you. So in that sense, allowing one bite without buying the hud, will indeed protect you from further bite attempts.
  4. Hell no! Out is out. If you're not on security you're being escorted out on the minimum setting on my land. Premium or not. Unless I invited you, you're trespassing, and not welcome.
  5. I believe that in Firestorm (I don't know whether it also is available in other viewers) there is an option to mute Gestures, so you don't hear applause or anything.
  6. I usually call those people by their legacy name or some made up name, depending on difficulty and length of the legacy name. That, or people mass-conferencing all of their friends. I have dropped blog sponsors for doing that. Send a notice in a group! - DJ's/hosts who send notices in a group more than once per hour I usually just make fun of people doijng that, and blatantly refuse to call them by their self appointed title; See 'unreadable fancy fonts' -Facelights: Some places are lit up like the center of the sun because of facelights. With proper windlight settings nobody needs a facelight. I usually have attached lights derendered by default because of this. There was a decline in use of Facelights for a while, but because of materials a lot of people started wearing bodylights again, especially people in shiny clothing such as latex or sequin. - Personal one that luckily doesn't appear that often anymore since mesh: People that walk around with unfitted Bax Coen Prestige boots. On a previous Avatar I've worked for Bax for nearly 4 years, and I just don't understand why you won't have your boots fitted, when the store offers that service for free? Mostly when I saw people with unfitted boots, I asked them if I could refit them for them. And I could always see when I had previously fitted someone, as I would always save their fit in the notes section of their profile.
  7. Meanwhile the complimentary reduced priced
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