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  1. L$1,000 an hour or L$20,000 for a day. Use for anything. Privacy and discretion is assured. Only residents invited to my group will be allowed the enter the sim. Once the time period is up all those invited to the group will be removed. 4,998 prims to use. Totally flat sim. Pick up after yourself, please. IM BrendonFreeman
  2. Okay, thank you for your answers. We'll see how it goes.
  3. I'm going to buy a 4096 parcel that I will divide into eight 512 parcels. On each parcel there will be skyboxes staggered in height that will be partially furnished so the tenant can use what prims are left over or have the option of me pulling the skybox so they can use what they want. I bought the rental box and I'm trying to find a easy to use security orb to place on each of the parcels for added privacy if the tenant would want to use it. My question is how would I make it so that not just anyone can use a skybox as a temporary flop house when I'm not in world to keep an eye out? I'll have the parcels set on group build of course yet they will still be able to use the chairs and the bed anyway.
  4. Fingers crossed I'll be around 15 years from now. Thanks for your replies.
  5. In the next 15 years or even beyond. What I've seen in photos of the basic beginning to present day is so amazing.
  6. I was up nearly 2 million meters and still blue skies.
  7. .....permanently derendering an object or multiple objects with a script/s in the contents get rid of the effects of the script/s has on the sim and avatars? Less lag?
  8. I have 3 seagulls rotating in a 25m circle set at the same speed. I'm not able to modify the script to change their speed. I staggered the space far apart from each one. Yet when I log in each day the seagulls have caught up with each other. How are they able to catch up with each other rotating at the same speed?
  9. deepl is very limited and requires a monthly fee. I needed Portuguese. I did find one for only L$1 that was really good after all.
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