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  1. Hello! I am looking for a mesh artist for a custom built. Please IM inworld at sarahbeths resident with a link where I could see your work. Thanks, Sara
  2. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read this post and positions. Please fill out the following google form and you will be contacted if you seem like a good candidate. The Positions : - Sales rep : Need to IM people that are coming to the agency in-world for the shift of the AM time. Will also be in charge of helping them with informations, and booking them. 20% of the booking will be paid. - Social media rep : Will be in charge of spamming social media (Flickr, Facebook...) - $L 200 per week. Training will be provided for the right person, and an addi
  3. Copying ideas is fine, what is wrong is copying everything word for word and claiming it's their own. I wouldn't be complaining if it was only the business idea. It went as far as setting the same offers as mine. Like my summer offer is literally still written in their notecards. I did reach out to them about the notecards, not only they didn't care but also claimed that they're better and will keep it this way. No intention of changing anything on their hand. Obviously I'm now banned from the place... You're right about being a step away from us, however they can keep sending alts to
  4. Okay, thank you so much for explaining that to me. I'll report them to LL first and see what happens. It's a pity to see that there's people around SL stealing ideas and contents.
  5. I thought 'patented' meant 'following some detailed process to give a special result' when I looked for the definition, but it must mean more than that, right? About the DMCA, it will be quite easy to prove that they stole it, I only thought LL will take care of it. I don't really want it to be taken to court, for something like that at least, which only exists in SL. One question though. How would others do when this happens? Basically anyone can come and copy things around SL and not be afraid to be punished if it's like that. Unless they take it to court... which almost no one wi
  6. Exact copies of the notecards yes, they just changed the business name for theirs... About the business process, it's patented. So they copied all of the steps to do the work too. It's easy to prove as they still haven't changed the notecards and the steps are there too. It's all of it copied, not just small things, but everything. Service business. Any idea on how I could get Linden Labs get in the case? I'm new to all this, and it's unfair to copy all of my hard work, and do the same. I tried talking to them first, but they won't do anything about it and think they c
  7. Hello, I am sorry to post here but I didn't know where to ask this. I know Linden Labs has a policy about content theft, but I was wondering if they can do anything for someone that copies every written content word for word and also busines process, and basically creates their copycat business. Is there a policy for that, and what could I do to stop them? I added the copyright mention to everything I wrote and set. While I don't want to cause drama, I also don't want them to run their copycat business freely, as they're stealing me word for word. I'm not talking about mes
  8. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read this post and position. Please fill out the following google form and you will be contacted if you seem like a good candidate. The Position (Assistant) : I am seeking someone to help me advertise around SL mostly to residents, look and apply for events, and handle some partnerships work. Training will be provided for the right person, and an additional meeting with the team will happen. Salary will be discussed if interviewed. The deadline is November 12nd. https://goo.gl/forms/AbrhP4jbdgUSfpXz1 Note : IMs
  9. Edit : I'm sorry, I forgot about advertising here, I edited it out, I wasn't seeing it as it, just as a joke with Rhonda haha.
  10. Burn haha! Hahaha. Well the first post is up! Feel free to comment there, I'll definitely think about the 'how to write a profile' and 'New residents' topics :)
  11. Oh okay, will do thanks. Do you have any subject ideas?
  12. Hello, I own a blog and started writing about different topics and subjects going around Second Life. This will be a weekly post. After writing about some basic things (behaviors, self image...), what would you like it to be written about? I don't know if I can post the link here, so I'm keeping it for now. If you want to read it though, feel free to ask me, I'll send it to you Thanks!
  13. Will work on it tomorrow haha, I need to put it aside or I'll throw my laptop outside haha! Thank you so much, I'll keep you posted
  14. @Chic Aeon Well I thought baking worked but apparently not as it says 'No objects or images found to bake to'. The textures are all there and showing up.
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