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  1. Lol its alright, thanks though!
  2. After doing a bit of research I made a support case as well. But any answers to why this is happening are still greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello, Thank you for reading this whoever you are. Today I tried to buy some Lindens, but when my card wouldn't be accepted I ended up giving up and just spending the cash on something else. I was using a prepaid giftcard so it wasn't a big deal. But then when I went back to check how much I had left on it there were 2 charges from the linden labs for 1$ when I didn't even receive any lindens in game nor got anything in return out of it. I have a picture that is attached to this of my transaction history. I would appreciate if these charges were removed so I could have my 2$ back. Thanks! I scrached out some parts of the transaction history that were either unimportant or that could trace back to me.
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